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    We started dating for 6 months ago and our relationship is very close to perfect. Except for one thing. He keeps checking on his phone when he’s with me. He is self employed. I have told him I feel like he wants to spend time with his phone and not with me.. he says it’s work related and he needs to check his emails. He usually has sound on, and he gets messages about every 10 min. He doesn’t seem to understand this is rude. I can’t exactly just tell him not to check them if they are that important.. what would you do?

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    Deal with it or not.
    I was with a guy who said it was all work related and it turned out he was cheating.

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    Has he been doing this for 6 months or is it a change? My bf was checking his phone a lot- he said it was business and then he began hiding it, taking it with him to the bathroom, etc and yes he was hiding some woman he was hanging out with and didn’t want me to know obviously- but what made me question it was the change of phone behavior and gut feeling I had

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    If he is self employed then this can be business.

    Imagine being married to a doctor….

    I do not know if he is shady or not…you know that better than I.

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    I think that constantly checking your phone on a date is rude.

    I’d simply ask if he can minimize the time on the phone while you two are on a date.

    I understand that running a business takes time but, at some point he’ll need to put the phone away.

    If he can’t find a compromise, then please reconsider if this is the right relationship for you.

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    It sounds like a bad habit. I own a business and I’m not tied to my phone nor do I look at it constantly, in fact one of my employee’s has to remind me to take it when I go do errands as I have a bad habit of leaving it at home or my business lol

    Some habits are very hard to break so you really need to decide if this is something you can accept about him or to constantly battle over it because no one wins the war of the wills.

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    You don’t need to check the phone, you can hear when it rings. If he has a successful, demanding business, you can tell, or is he just a doofus? A phone aadict, or using the phone like a baby blankey, a comfort thing.

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    Is he just checking it, like does he spend more than a couple of seconds glancing?

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    I own my own business but no one expects me to be tied to my phone. I can imagine if he’s not getting any work he may be stressed looking for work but it’s the same as the dating game….people understand if you’re busy and actually see you as higher quality because you’re in demand.

    Tell him to put his phone away on a date. Assuming he takes you on dates. Or alternatively get passive aggressive and spend most of your time on the phone and see how he likes it.

    I would imagine he’s not that into you or there’s another woman to be honest…

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    Oh pleeaaaze ladies! It is not business.

    This is a total BS and he is taking you for a fool, I am sorry to say..

    I work full time and also own my own business on the side and I leave my phone in the car quite often! Some days I check it at 6 pm and then do not look at it until next morning. The ringer and all notifications are OFF. None of my friends ever complained, none of my customers or directors ever complained. People do not expect you to work after hours.

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    I know many people with their own significant businesses like docters and lawyers. None of them checks their phone each 5 minutes. Especially not at night. They can hear it when it rings

    This dude is chatting to other women

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