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    How does one respond? Let’s assume you aren’t dating yet and just in the talking stage. A date has been set up.

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    It means he doesn’t want to waste time texting with a woman he hasn’t even been on a date with yet. Which is smart because after the first date you may not even like each other.

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    That’s what I thought. Though I prefer to build a rapport with people a bit before a date personally and most guys I’ve dated have been like that.

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    Just getting used to different people… I’m used to the friends first scenario. Not this thing that… But how does one respond?

    “Oh hey great to hear from you wheeeee!” *Throws arms up in the air while spinning in spinny chair*

    “What up dude?”

    “Do you like bagels?”

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    The BEST way to build a rapport with a stranger is to MEET them face-to-face if it’s for the purpose of dating or romance. Talking to them is not going to help you, in fact, it could hurt you because you may focus on things that are told you that are immaterial to mate selection.

    What if he has a smooth voice, has a good job, and is not married…ok so you’ve established some basics and now super excited about the prospect of meeting a great guy. You enter the restaurant and don’t recognize the man who’s standing near the door as the one you talked to used a pic from 5 years ago and has now lost half his hair and put on about 20 lbs. He’s also foot shorter than you and when he introduces himself bowls you over with his bad breath!

    You went from starry eyed to wanting to FLEE in less than one minute! So again, how does building a rapport over the phone really help you>?

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    I won’t lie and say I haven’t been in that scenario before lol. Yikes!

    Yeah I get that. You need to leave certain stuff up for the date! Plus when all you have is their words then you only have your own ideas and fantasies to go with that. People can fool you too. Connecting in person is very different from ‘connecting’ over the phone. I’m just fairly introverted. I am quite a good conversationalist as I’ve been told but I need to be comfortable. And I mean I can lead a conversation but I’m more comfortable when they get the ball rolling. Once I get to know somebody I don’t really have any issue with conversing. Also talking to them at least a few times before the date helps create a bit more comfort which makes the date easier for me. It’s very much an introvert thing. Also if he says something over the phone that turns me off and then I can just cancel the date and not waste my time. Especially since I have to drive out an hour lol.

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    I haven’t been on a date like this in a long time.

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    Oh and when I say a few times I don’t mean like hours of conversation. Just a bit to calm the first date jiters somewhat when you actually have to go on the date. Some people might walk into dates knowing zero about the person while feeling mostly just excitement and exuberance but that’s not me. Never has been and never will be lol.

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    But anyway enough about me. I’m just wondering how I respond.

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    Trust me, I get it—-its a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. This is why I unhooked from technology years ago and went back to the old school way of only meeting men in person, that way you build a rapport beforehand and if you both dig or like each other after a few low key encounters over a month or so, then formal dating would be the next natural step.

    That’s quite a long ways for a first date! I surely hope he’s driving to you or I would cancel on that basis alone haha.

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    Technology does complicate things doesn’t it?

    He’s meeting me half way. Which is probably another reason that he might not want to put a lot of effort into things until he knows if he likes me for sure and is willing to put in the work for something long distance.

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    So you live two hours away from each other? This is a waste of time. Whatis the likelihood he is going to want to drive four hours round trip to come to yours for a date? You can’t just keep meeting half way. This is where men get excited, see you a few times and then realize realistically you can’t soend much time in person together. My guess is this man just wants casual. I think that little fact is more predictive of how this won’t work and not his lack of texting prior to the date. At this point, see if he even shows up.

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    Well I’m definitely not putting my eggs in one basket. He does live on an island that is out of the way and he’s told me it is difficult to meet anyone because I’ve where he lives. And driving an hour isn’t a big deal to me since I live in an area where that is something that you do all the time LOL.

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    *because of where he lives.

    Sorry for any mistakes I’m using voice to text.

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    Good chance I’ll just cancel because I’m not really feeling it.

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    So now he’s Gilligan …?

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    You mean he keeps getting lost? Lmao. No this is an island rich area. I live on an island too but it’s much much bigger.

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