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    Ladies I think we are going to be okay.

    He just me messaged me saying “he is hating my decision and he trying to respect it, but he still feels the same and still wants me”

    I’m taking that as good sign that we can sort things out – right?

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    I don’t get it. A text message? If he’s that sincere why don’t you talk on the phone or meet and talk. Omg. Why do people hide behind phones and can’t communicate in real life? See what he does. But a text means nothing.

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    When you both mature you will realize that texting is a tool and not a communications method.

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    Liz Lemon

    Stop posting here and go talk to him. Not text. Talk, on the phone or in person.
    Strangers on the internet have no idea if you two can sort this out. It’s up to you and him, not us.
    Not trying to be harsh but the issue here is communication and what you’re doing now is not communicating WITH HIM.

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    Im taking it as a good sign as well

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    There are some articles here on this site, not this forum on how to gauge a guys interest. Number one is the amount of time he likes to spend with you. You might profit from reading it and look up love languages. I hope you can salvage this assuming he is worth it and remember to not go overboard. I assume you felt vunerable when you told him you loved him. It is scary to say that and good for you to do it but dont chop someone’s head off when the answer is different. Thats what two people in a relationship is

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    ems there is your chance at getting back with him and talking things out. happy for you that he got in touch. :-) don’t mess it up by marathon texting sessions. just pick up the phone and talk to him. all the best.

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    Ems, I too thought you were overly impulsive by just breaking up without at least giving him the opportunity to discuss what you were feeling, and getting to the truth, which is why I recommended taking some space, a ‘time out’ to calm the emotions before having that discussion with him, face-to-face, not by text.

    Just talk to him IN PERSON. Tell him you pulled the trigger out of fear in not knowing how he felt, what he wanted, or what he was looking for with you. Like I said, the two of you need to get to the truth, not walk around on eggshells or avoid important topics. Hear each other out, don’t be afraid to ask him the hard questions, as this is the time both of you need to put all the cards on the table, and then decide if you want to move forward or find you’re not on the same page and want different things. This is how couples progress, by talking and communicating with each other, not avoiding it.

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    How are things going Ems?

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    Hiya Lala, thanks for asking.

    We spoke properly on Tuesday night, we are meeting on Saturday.

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