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    There was an update to that study. And there were a number of others that are more recent, but I didn’t want to get, as the Moderator said, too far into the weeds.

    I wasn’t trying to “support” Lane. As I said, just food for thought as this subject of cheating comes up here a lot. Case closed, I’ve said all I meant to about cheating.

    OP, you said what I was thinking. His communication style makes this unworkable. Every additional story you tell is proof you did the right thing. I know this hurts you, I hope you will be able to move past this quickly.

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    Ok…I was just providing a perspective based on my personal experiences, understanding of human biology, and having honest talks and discussions with men. You are free to agree or disagree.

    OP, he’s not a good man. The one thing I will say is all we really have is ‘our word’ and if one’s words cannot be trusted, then you are building a foundation on sand, and sand sinks. IMO, you did the right thing based on the other issues you’ve had as well. I don’t think LDR is for you, and when you’ve properly gotten over this schmuck, I hope you find one that you can feel safe with and trust. Like they say “onward and upward!” :o)

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    Thanks Lane.

    It hurts just now, but once I am over it – i’ll know what to avoid next time round.

    Only way is up huh. On the positive I landed a new job with better pay today :) YEY!

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    Sweet! Happy something good came your way! There’s a better man out there for you too…you just haven’t crossed paths yet :o)

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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