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    Hi everyone,

    I have met a guy over online dating site. He started talking and kept talking to me every few days and sometimes every 5-6 days.

    He seems open about where he comes from and is family orientated, but has no kids, yet. Hè likes sharing personal things. À few texted ago he shared à drama about his younger brother and shared how he tries to help him being THE wise person and his older brother being more wise, a Ghandi.

    What I noticed was that he felt uncomfortable me lavishing him with compliments. He did not give me as many. But did. However I noticed later that he likes talking about his life and himself. But asked me very little except at THE beginning when I was less complimental. The dynamic changed.

    We have not met yet, but proposed for one where he offered different ideas. But would happen after THE holidays. He asked me to come with à idea for à night. I found it weird at first. I did not react too enthousiastically. But after à few days I came up with three options that I had researched. He had not contact me during new year and I texted HIM with THE options. He said being sorry and had been busy. I told HIM he would have to make up for the negligénce. He laughed.

    I offered THE options. He Saïd he was very happy for that and was hard to decice because there where few Nice options. I ended it by saying in he had found something to discuss iT for our first date. He thanked me and was looking forward to our date. And would come bank to it. Yet have not heard after that and it has been à week?

    I feel like he has been lying. He is à jerk. He seemed enthousiastic? I decided not too text him ever! He let me do THE job for him. What à guy…. I feel frustrated. I dont even know him!

    I decided not to compliment any guy anymore and be more weary and aloof.

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    You’ve even not met him yet …?

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    Another bored married man surfing Tinder. Stop wasting your time and energy and date men who are available. Such men would keep in touch and set up dates.

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    & Why… Are you lavishing complements on a stranger?!!

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    Girl, he asked YOU to think of ideas for a date? Did he make any suggestions first?

    But yeah, do not lavish people you don’t know with compliments, it is unlikely to be perceived as genuine. You are going to come off as desperate and too eager, trying too hard to win his attention.

    Men compliment women to get sex faster. Most women fall for the simplest form of flattery quite fast. LOL but when women compliment men, they take it all in but then deem the woman to be “desperate”.

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