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    Online dating, and been chatting to a guy over the weekend via text a lot. Really chatty and nice. He initiated first contacts throughout and there was definitely a spark. He was keen to meet this week and we made an arrangement evening wise, though not place as yet with me saying I’d think of where and let him know.
    Good nights etc exchanged on both nights and all very light and fun.
    Now comes today and I’ve heard nothing. I haven’t text either. Should I? I know he’s a very busy man with his job Monday to Friday. I am wondering if he’s gotten cold feet. We live about 45 minutes drive from each other, both have children who live with us so wonder if maybe he’s thought all that aspect won’t work?
    Ultimately if I don’t hear more it’s not really a big deal. I was just wondering what people thought, and if I should pop a text to him.

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    Have you 2 met in person?

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    Stop paying attention to all this texting.
    How about you pay attention to following up on the details of meeting up.

    I’d send a simple text saying hello, mention you have a place in mind and at what time.

    If he’s really keen then he’ll agree to it, if not move on.

    Plenty of other guys to meet online.

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    I just don’t know how to react on this… I am living with my partner with him I share a house, expenses and everything and who has a busy schedule I understand. But when it came time to do taxes. he asked me to gather everything for him his receipts, etc etc. i did. Now I handle the house stuff. Cooking, cleaning, Laundry, my kids, His kids etc etc. I have never done my taxes, my ex husband always took care of them. Now I have been telling him that I am not sure what I need if you could ask your accountant. Today he was frustrated because when I piled up his receipts I didn’t put them in a bad but in a filing folder and they all came out. He started complaining about the job not done right. Then I told him what about my taxes and he goes where’s everything of yours. I told him that i have major stuff but I would like to know what else i need to get it done and he was like aren’t you and adult bla bla. Now I felt really bad because I work full time. So not that I am not bringing money in and on top of that i am doing all the house errands and taking care of his needs and he couldn;t help me out?I have decided to hire someone to so my taxes but do you guys think he is an ass and is just using me as a maid?

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    I am sorry I posted in some one else’s post. I am new to this and not sure how to make my own post!!!

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    Tia-Do you think he is an ass and using you? Maybe you have let him get spoiled. This sounds like petty complaining on both sides. Only you can answer your question and figure out if you are fed up enough to go or you two can talk like adults and share workloads fairly.

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    Elise-You already made the mistake of saying you would let him know. Now you’re waiting for him to contact you?
    This is why you always let a man be a man and let him take the lead. What you should have said is something along the lines of “I look forward to-Let me know what you have in mind”

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    Yes I think you are right Pearl. I managed to turn it around though- sent a message saying I’m not great at picking central places! Would be great if he did it as the man, and he has! Date secured !

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