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    I’ve recently become in touch with my ex again. We ended on good terms but then later got into an argument that led us to blocking each other and not being on good terms anymore. But now we are back on good terms, like really good terms. We’ve been talking for a bit now. We’ve been calling each other and just talking about our days and stuff. We took it a step further and hung out last night. It was so natural being with him. It wasn’t awkward at all and I felt like I was just hanging with a good friend of mine. We talked about so many deep things and I felt like we connected so much in just one night. We didn’t talk about any thing romantic or feelings or whatever because it was too soon and I don’t even known how I feel right now. We started making out in his car and I brought him back to my place and we did it. I just feel confused to what this is. I feel like it could be a booty call but then why talk to me for so long on the phone talking about nonsense? Why hangout with me with no promise for sex? He drove an hour to see me and I feel like if all he wanted was sex he could get it from anyone, especially someone who’s closer. He gets a decent amount of girls so I know that’s not the problem. I don’t wanna get hurt because I get attached easily and if this seems like a glorified booty call I wanna know because I’ll just stop now before it’s too late.

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    It’s too soon to talk about romantic feelings? But not too soon to have sex?

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    @L Ok I had a feeling someone was going to call me out on that. I know it was probably a bad call but it happened and there’s nothing I can do about it at this point.

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    I’d chat with him about what is going on before anything else happens again.
    The last thing you want to end up as is a booty call to an ex.

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    Is someone putting stupid into the water supply?

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