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    I met this guy online few days ago (we haven’t met in IRL). From his profile he seemed a pretty decent chap and his texts are very polite. We exchanged numbers but haven’t got a chance to text at the same time. It’s been only 2 days but he sends way too many texts even though the texts in itself are respectful. I’m turned off by this. Also, I’m a little bothered if this is love bombing or if he is a narcissist because my ex was one. Could he be narcissistic?

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    I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion of narcissistic. He may just be clingy and annoying, or trying hard to impress you. You are giving way too much thought to someone you haven’t met yet. Do you have plans to meet?

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    A fair number of guys do this in the beginning to try and win you over. I have found it is almost always a bad sign. Guys like this crash and burn and to worried about “winning” than actually getting to know you.

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    Unless your psychologist and have had numerous interactions with the person, I wouldn’t go psychoanalyzing them. Unfortunately today texting has become the primary form of communication, especially for WOMEN who have come to believe a high level of texting shows a man’s interest level (BIG sigh). It could also be that he doesn’t want you to forget he exists and by texting he’s in the forefront of his competition. I would just politely say, “I prefer to communicate in person, so do you want to meet or not?” If he doesn’t set a date and time then delete and move on.

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    Probably another beta male with nice-guy-syndrome.

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    My past experience with a narcissist has made me hyper aware to red flags. Probably it is too early to judge, probably like Nellie stated, could be a nice guy syndrome.
    Thank you Lane, initially I wanted to meet this guy, now I’m not sure anymore. Anyway it’s just been a few days. My gut tells me to leave, but my logic tells me not to jump to conclusions because of a past experience.

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    Do you have plans to meet?

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    hey there. my experience tells me that when men exhibit this kind of behaviour its best to cut them out. they usually have some deeper issues in their head. in oct someone I met online starting bombing me with messages. in his head after just two chats he was thinking of future and acting possessive. I cut him out. he kept calling and msging. after the first chat I found his behaviour weird and his over familiarity puzzling and a total put off. I would tread very carefully with this one. I was so put off I did not meet him.

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    Raven, the conversation hasn’t yet reached there yet. And already he’s made a statement “We have the rest of our lives to get to know each other.”

    Mandy, I understand. I too am totally put off by this but since he was being so respectful I didn’t know if I am being too judgemental.

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