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    Goes by “Hey you!”

    that don’t look like they came from some list online LOL. Obviously can be for texting, online or in-person communication. Getting to know a potential match or someone you are already dating (in the beginning stages or even just trying to reconnect). I’m good at maintaining conversation but one of my weakest points is starting them and knowing what to ask someone without feeling silly.

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    One of your weakest points is that you can’t write real sentences.

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    Game of Thrones,
    Favorite Beer,
    … … …

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    Goes by “Hey you!”

    L… Haha those are real sentences. Plus this is a forum, not university. Although I had top marks in English and have been writing creatively since I was 8 years old but nonetheless those tend to be solitary activities. At least I can admit the things I’m not so good at. Based upon what you post here I feel you are either trolling or just bitter. Whichever the case is if you don’t haven’t anything nice to add I don’t care. Peace sweety.

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    Goes by “Hey you!”

    *if you don’t have anything nice to say

    I am on my phone and was typing in a bit of a hurry.

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    You’re welcome…

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    Living single

    I’ll ask questions and feel silly after but it goes away fast. If I can’t be myself upfront when I meet a person and/or get negative reactions, then there really is no point in continuing. If I get no response, it’s just move on to something else. When it continues I go talk to someone different. No hard feelings and if they come back I’ll still talk to them. They have to put in more effort then. If they don’t I consider them a time waster and eventually they fade out with my one word responses or emoji.

    I don’t get why something always changes between two people when one tells them that they like them. Why do they get quieter?

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    Goes by “Hey you!”

    Sorry was really busy yesterday. Thanks Raven for the suggestions. I’m pretty good at covering the basis though I’m not much of a ‘small talk’ type of person and neither is the guy I’m seeing. He has said he finds it “inconsequential”. We’ve connected on discussing deeper matters. However we can’t see each other as often as we’d like currently so a good chunk of our conversation is done over the phone and it feels less natural to have those sort of discussions without being face to face. We talk every day and it’s definitely in that direction of entering the serious realm (we’ve both said we’re not seeing or interested in seeing other people and he’s flat out said he’s serious about me and is thinking about the future) but I want to stay connected and continue getting to know him.

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    Goes by “Hey you!”

    Living single- I agree. It’s just my own personal road block. Funny I discussed this with him yesterday and he was really cool about it. Said he doesn’t always know what to say himself and is worried I might find him boring haha. He also works very long shifts, is on call and has to drive quite a bit (sometimes hours away from where he lives) so his brain is often in the relax mode when we talk. But he’s never shied away from any topic or left me hanging. He responds really quickly unless he can’t and he’ll tell me when he’ll be busy. Like he told me the other day he was going to a job 3 hours away and the area didn’t have good reception so if he didn’t reply right away that was why.

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    All this over text. And I bet you haven’t even had a date yet.

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    Goes by “Hey you!”

    Lmao we’ve had multiple dates… This is real and I’m happy. But alright then :)

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    Goes by “Hey you!”

    I ALSO thought this could be a FUN topic for people here to discuss and share tips. Bitchiness not included. We’re supposed to be helpful and encouraging. We’re all different.

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