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    Ur going to get exhaustd by thinking so much! And ofcrse emotionally drained. Which is going to reflect in your action and words sooner rather thn later. I thnk you need to first of all stop discussing him with all your frnds. You will get many views which is giing to confuse you even more!

    Thing is hes not behaving like any nrmal bf wld whos serious abt his woman. You seem just one of the many things hes into..

    As said before, step back and let him initiate chats, calls. Let him make plans for the nxt meetings. In case he doesnt, dont remind him. Dont taunt him. Dont prompt him. Do this for 4 weeks. You just respond to his actions and not react! And then see where you guys are at. If hes stepped up thn gud for you. If he hasnt you need to face the fact that this is not probably working.

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    Agree with the posters- the best thing for you to do is to make your own plans and live your own life. I would keep other options open- he is definitely not prioritizing you and this relationship so why are you? Making plans at the last minute is typically done when someone sees you as an option not a priority. Not involving you with their kids makes you appear as if you are not in their future plans. Live your life like you are single because you still are.

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    Hi Sarah,

    You have 3 diverging issues :

    – Lifestyle : He has teenage boys, you will have roommates

    – Integrating your lives together. You haven’t hung out with his boys , and it doesn’t seem like he hangs out with your friends. You see each other just one – on – one.

    For his boys, it is a big step. Maybe it doesn’t have to do with you, but how his boys will react or his ex. Teenagers do have a lot of behavioural and emotional development that is at play.

    – Communication pattern – I am guessing your love language would be words of affirmation.
    Look at the big picture not the hour/date stamp of his texts.
    It is much better to have a conversation than texting. Also, why insist on texting while someone is working?
    Wouldn’t establishing a time to call at lunch or evening be much better?

    Behavioural change takes time for both.
    It’s time to evaluate the expectations that you have

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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