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    If a guy still hasn’t made a move on me after 4 dates, should I give up and stop meeting up with him? I have been seeing this Korean guy for three months, he is extremely smart academically. He has a PhD in computer science, but his EQ is questionable. We went out because I was looking for someone to distract my current situation. After the first date, I found out that he might be a little off (autism) or an introvert, I feel sorry for him so I went out with him on the second date. On the third date, he opened up to me and acted a little better (less abnormal and intense), but still very off. He doesn’t understand jokes or wanting to do anything but loves to take me to nice restaurants. Not sure what to do with this situation, we will go out again tomorrow.

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    Autistic people don’t change.
    They also deserve to date people who don’t feel sorry for them…

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    can you see him as a friend? if you can then u can continue seeing him in that capacity. but if your interested and these meetings frustrate you, then maybe you can take some kind of initial step and show him that you would perhaps like more? if he still doesn’t step it up then friend zone him.

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    You’ve been seeing him for 3 months but only had 4 dates? If you are looking for a distraction from your current situation as you say that’s really not fair to anyone. Deal with whatever your situation is before you date and string along some poor guy because you feel sorry for him. Obviously you two aren’t compatible so break things off.

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    Isn’t this the third time you have posted this question?

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    So you want to date Rainman?

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    @Omg, please don’t be rude to people. Since you seem to know everything you should be more compassion with your advice to these youngsters.

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