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    I have just ended a relationship not to long ago with someone I was with for 2 years. I already know that I should have never have given a man money and I hate the fact that I even did that. I have a big heart and actually believed that he was going through some hard times. Smh. I hate myself for doing that. It was dumb on my end I just wanted to help my bf out when needed. I have found out that all of that was a complete lie. All of it. He was giving other females money the whole entire time. He was give money to girls on a website called tagged. Smh. I never seen him ever try to pay me back. He was all of that website claiming that he has so much money and he cold gift any women he wanted on tagged. Theae chicks were strangers and he had no issues giving them money just so he could feel a ego boost. He wanted them to like him and he knew money would do it. The whole time he was using the money I gave him to give them. He never paid me back ever. He never even took me out on a dang date or did anything nice for me. All he did was have his hand out more and more. I feel so damn stupid fo doing this. ALL he does is lie lie and lie. How could you sleep at night KNOWING how you used soneone like that that didnt deserve it. It wasn’t a small amount at all either. My uncle has been trying to help him get a good paying job and all he does is flake on him. My uncle treated him like his own and all he did was not show up he played games. I hated I allowed this and even more upset that I now know he gave the money I worked hard to get and was nice enough to give him he was giving it to other women so he could feel “manly” to them smh. I’m so sorry this post is so long and the punctuation is off. I just had to vent.

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    He took your money and gave it to other women?

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    “He was giving other females money the whole entire time.”

    Is he buying hanky panky online or something?

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    I read that it’s on of those sites that you have to purchase “coins” and you can use those to buy “virtual gifts” and give them to people who stream online. I found out he has used over 700 on that app alone. He has only given to women on there. So in a nursing shell he was giving that money to have him to use to buy those “coins” to give to females so that he is seen as a “baller” on the site. One female he gave money to broke it all down to me.

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    I think I see.

    You lent him money but he was giving it to woo other women while you were in a relationship with him?

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    Yea unfortunately smh

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    Well, continue to vent, we’re here to listen. :)

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    I’m sorry you had to learn this lesson the hard way. The one thing my dad taught me was to never lend money I couldn’t afford to lose. That stuck with me, and I remember friends having the same issue when trying to get back money another borrowed, so it turned me into a scrooge lol.

    I find men, at least my father was, are usually pretty good at spotting men like him and try to keep you out of these situations. I wish your Uncle was better at ‘guydar’ and would have spotted his character flaws much earlier and instead of helping or enabling him, tried to warn you he wasn’t a good guy. My father was really good at this, of course I needed to test him and sure enough he was dead on! His mentorship during my early dating years really helped me from getting into these types of situations.

    Maybe you can find a male friend or relative who is better at measuring a man up so you can learn what a ‘good man’ looks and acts like in hopes of sparing you from these kinds of relationships again. I know it sucks but if anything, you grew from this experience and I’m sure you will be far more cautious next time, as you should be.

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    Stop punishing yourself. You learned a lesson. Now move on and love yourself :)

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    Hmm, so he is paying someone to like him. If he uses money to feel positively validated….that’s not good at all. It sounds like he is catfishing online and you have been used.

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    I am so sorry this happened to you. I do understand that it is hard to hear the sob stories and not try to help – but a real man will not let you. He will work two jobs first.

    Lesson learned but do not beat yourself up over it. Just know there are takers in this world.

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