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    I was locking eye contact with this girl for a couple weeks, a year ago, and she was smiling, until I saw what appeared to be her boyfriend, so I never bothered approaching her. I see her a few times a week and initially I’d still check her out here n there cuz she’s really attractive, but not lock eyes. I don’t wanna deal with a girl who’s taken and I feel bad for the guy. Looks to me she wanna cheat and I have zero respect for cheaters.

    So I started avoiding her. But everytime she’s around, she’ll preen, set herself up to be approached even when boyfriend is nearby. She will walk by, come near me, stare stare stare, etc. She clearly loses all her cconfidence in front of me and becomes nervous. And when I ignore her, basically reject her, her face turns red and looks like she is about to cry. I thought I’d do this several times so she can move on, but she does this month after month after month. Wtf?

    This been happening for almost a year. She’s cute but a boyfriend is a big turn off. I don’t know the dude but he looks like a cool guy, looks wealthy, and he’s jacked. They talk, joke around, laugh a lot, look like a healthy relationship. I’d bang her, even try date her long-term if she was single. She looks mid 20’s.

    All the women I’ve rejected directly or indirectly, or shown disinterest in, they don’t linger on for more than a couple months but she still at after 11 months..

    Why she does this? And how do I get rid of her?

    Looking for advice especially from other women.

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    “I’d bang her…”
    Such a gentleman…

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    I lost interest at ‘I’d bang her’ … no idea why she’s hanging around you with such an appalling attitude, I’d run a mile in the opposite direction

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    ^^not every woman deserves a gentleman, or worse, seek one.

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    Better off Single

    She’s just an attention seeker

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    How do you know he’s her boyfriend? You description of their interactions could easily indicate close friends.

    Also, for someone claiming to ignore her, you’re awfully interested in and observant of her behavior.

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    ^^ I dunno for sure but I’ve never seen such close guy/girl friends before.

    I’m just curious why she does this and lingers around even after a year. I don’t wanna approach and reject her directly because I’ve done that in the past. They get hurt and its unbearable to watch.

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    How peculiar!

    May I ask WHERE does all this silent drama take place? Gym?

    Ladies, here are some tips for you on how to BAIT a guy. LOL This girl knows what she is doing, she is baiting to the point of indecency but she not making a move herself.

    Dude, assuming you are telling things the way they are, and this girl has been trying to bait you all this time, are you THAT good looking? We know you don’t look like a gentleman, then what? WHAT do you have? Seriously I am impressed. LOL

    I am trying to imagine what would it take for ME to stare and “stare stare stare” and then come close etc and do that FOR THE DURATION OF 11 MONTHS, SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK. I could only think of one situation.

    I would do that if I saw an alien. If they are looking like those we see in the movies. Then for sure I would stare and stare stare. LOL But you are just a guy. So it is a bit of a “syndrome” on her part. There is gotta be some psyche label for it. LOL

    WHY she does it? I think if she’s done it a couple of times it would be normal, because she is attracted to you and want you to approach her. But for that long…it is a little clinical. Maybe she wants to “win” this stare contest, maybe she wants to boost her ego. Maybe she is doing it to others as well, only she knows.

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    Alright, so none of you actually know anything. lol

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    what do you wanna know? She is already with a bf so just ignore her. think your giving her attention unknowingly like she is. lol. if you not interested just ignore her and do your thing..

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    There is an easy way to end all this and I am surprised you haven’t thought of it. Next time you seen this couple simply walk up to the bf and say:’sir are you aware your gf has been shamelessly flirting with me?’

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    Maybe she and her boyfriend are swingers?

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    Oh, hi Aimee’s ex, hahaha

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    Maybe she is miserable in her relationship and has already checked out? Just because a couple “looks” happy doesn’t mean they really are. That being said, don’t be the jerk to break them up. If you’re interested (obviously, you’d nag her) then let their relationship die off organically. DON’T be the cause. How do you see her so much? Same social circle?

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    ^^They go to the same library I study at, several hours a day, and the same places in and around campus.

    Lol @ swingers.

    @Tammy @Stephen
    I do my own thing. What catches my attention is why this woman lingers around after being rejected/ignored so many times. I don’t like breaking people apart whether they are happy or not, and I don’t like rejecting women directly to their face because their reactions are unbearable to watch. The only attention I give her is of curiosity of why she continues to put herself in that situation, then get ignored, then turn sad, then repeat, again and again. It’s a disturbing sight to witness.

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    Maybe it’s all in your head and she doesn’t give a crap about you at all…ever think of that or your ego won’t let you??

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    ^^I gave it a thought. I hope it’s all in my head; doesn’t look like it though.

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    nothing you can do.. so ignore…

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    ^^ thanks

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    Well I told her boyfriend today and he just blanked out.

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    I think you imagined the whole thing. I doubt if she has ever given you a second thought.

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    So her boyfriend blanked out? Maybe niether of them can talk … sorry but this is too silly 😂

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    I just mentioned it to him briefly as I walked by. Not the reaction I was expecting. Will see how next week goes.

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    Sounds like you should try therapy because there has to be more going on in your life than being so fixated on two people that really neat nothing to do with you.

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    OMG! You really tattled?
    You should find a hobby…

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