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    I met this guy on Hinge about a month ago. We have texted every day since then and we have gone on two really great dates. Last week on Thursday he brought up a third date for possibly Sunday. Then this weekend his texting/energy changed. He didn’t text me back Saturday night and then Sunday he said he had to cancel our tentative plans. Monday he still was texting me a bit, but now I haven’t heard from him since 10am yesterday, which is unusual.

    I did some social media stalking (I know, not good). And saw that his ex girlfriends birthday was this weekend and I’m 90% sure he was with her and her friends Friday. They dated for two years and broke up in March. I don’t know what is going on with them now, but I do not think they are back together.

    I really don’t want to give up on him as we had great chemistry and he is a great catch, what should I do?

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    Do nothing. If he comes back with a reschedule, then be gracious and accept. and when someone is not your boyfriend, give 0 f’s ;-)

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    Like most women you are chasing the man instead of letting him chase you. There is no such thing as giving up when a man has low interest. He either is really into you or he isn’t. You can’t change the chemistry in how he feels about you. All the constant texting is a waste of time and why should he bother to see you if he can just talk everyday on text with you. When you share everything over text you leave out any mystery or need to the guy to want to meet in person.

    He can’t ghost if you barely know him. It’s called dating. You just feel like it’s more because you keep texting all the time. In reality it was only two dates. Just because you felt great chemistry doesn’t mean he did. You don’t know he’s a great catch because you hardly know this stranger. I think it’s making huge assumptions about the ex, but who knows.

    Keep expectations low. Stop being so available over txt. If he really felt this great chemistry as you say, he would be asking you out and spending time together.

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    Liz Lemon

    I agree you should do nothing. Don’t reach out. Let him come to you. He’s the one who canceled the tentative date Sunday, so it’s on him to come back and ask you to reschedule. If he doesn’t, it means he wasn’t that interested.

    If he does get back in touch and reschedule, be gracious and lighthearted about it as a previous poster said. At this point there is zero commitment between you two, you’ve had two dates. I don’t know if he blew you off this weekend for his ex, but if he did, its not like he cheated on you. Just go with the flow if he asks you out again, you barely know the guy and need time to see if a true connection is there.

    Likewise you should be dating other guys during this time and not just waiting around for him since you barely know each other and have no commitment.

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    Do nothing and let him reschedule.

    You have no hard proof that he was with her this weekend anyways and you’ve only gone on 2 dates with him.

    I think you are too invested if you are trying to get into fixing mode when there is nothing to fix.

    In any case I would really suggest that you continue to date other people. Its too early to be focusing on this guy. Plus two years is a long time, he may not be ready for anything just yet.

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    So looks like Emma changed her name to OMG.

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    What happened to Emma by the way? Wasn’t she a regular poster for years on end?

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    I don’t think OMG sounds like Emma, but I too am curious about where she’s gone! And Sisi too…

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    And Joe, they gave such good advice, its such a loss : (

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    Joe was a pompous d-bag! “He” probably was a woman poster.

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    Sisi is probably off somewhere terrorizing her bf and thinking she is so special.

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