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    Got out of a 6 year relationship a few months ago and just starting to date again. Just went on two great dates with a guy that I’m definitely interested in! I’m so used to talking to a. Guy everyday that I’m wondering how much we should be communicating after two dates. Should we be texting everyday? Or should it just be texts to plan another date? Feel like a dating newbie!

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    I’d keep the texting to a minimal. I understand that people use that as a major form of communication but it really isn’t useful.

    At this point don’t have too many expectations its only been two dates and he may very well be dating others, and you should too.

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    Very early days Sarah. Let him contact you. If you read this site you will learn it’s a mistake to get too keen too quickly.

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    Great thanks for the advice! I feel like I have no idea what’s normal and what’s not lol

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    I am glad you met someone interesting…just do not let the emotions forge ahead of getting to know this guy…he is still a stranger and you need to scope instead of hope. Enjoy and scope.

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    Have Fun & a rebound or 2,4,5…

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    Honestly I think you should take a break from men and be single for awhile. Replacing one man for another isn’t the best position to be iin especially today. Just be single, have fun, engage in new hobbies, meet new friends, go on some adventures and when your perfectly content, happy and i. A good place then consider dating again.

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