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    Anne ohio

    I was driving seven girls to the Taylor Swift concert in Detroit. Next to the event, the star herself came out of the back entrance. Right in front of us. I looked back, and all seven had their noses in the phone, not looking outside, though we were in the fabulous downtown Detroit.

    Please try to be more curious and confident in life and live life, instead of thinking a text or snap is real life. Read a book a week. Geezz

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    Anne ohio

    My post is inspired by the poster who today said her boyfriend has 2000 Facebook friends and he looks at bikini pics. And she hopes she can win the chump.

    He values a number, and pics, instead of real relationship. What a turnoff. He’s not that intelligence if he is on the phone that much.

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    I was at the Fair this summer…
    There were 4 really cute girls walking down the main walkway…
    There were 4 guys walked right past them, with their noses in their phones…

    Why go to the fair if you’re going to look @ your phone?!

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    There will be glasses soon, you can see incoming texts while you are still looking at the world around you. They are pretty pricey now, but in a few years might become affordable.

    Imagine at a concert the whole populace is wearing glasses and talkxting. LOL But at least this way they’d actually still see something around them. It would be multitasking par excellence. But shoot wait I forgot, men can’t multitask!! OMG what are we going to do??? Help!! Someone call a therapist right now! LOL LOL

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    I wonder how many will develop arthritis (neck and fingers), obesity (lack of activities), alzheimer’s/dementia (data overload/short attention span), cataracts/blindness (from constant eye strain) or get into a car crash from excessive cell phone use? Its still too early to know how cell phones may be affecting the human race long-term but I would be curious to see health studies between teens today v. teens before the cell phone was invented to see if they are contracting these maladies much earlier than pre-cell phone adults. I already see the rise in obesity and short attention spans (like you indicated) because they can’t finish a simple task without looking at their phone multiple times so I’ve personally witnessed the corollary effect its having on young people today.

    Thankfully I’m not harnessed by my phone! I can go HOURS without looking at it and don’t respond even if I hear the tone until I’m in a position to give it my full attention when I have a few moments or time to do so—they can friggen wait and learn the value of patience and that a big chunk of life is taking place beyond a silly phone.

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    I’ve always said to my mother that they’ll be a big rise in the number of patients seen at hospital eye clinics in the next 15 to 20 years! I don’t use mobile phones but I am a very heavy Internet user especially on my tablet. So perhaps in 10 years time I might be visually impaired because of this.

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    I have a weird pinky now because of the phone 😂

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