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    I have heard that term for a while now, ever since I read an article by Natalie Liu several years ago. It’s a thing I see happen all the time in my friends’ and my own dating life. At this point I’ve learned to see it when it happens and never take it to heart, but what is really the thought process behind Future Faking exactly? Is it an intentional lie to manipulate, or is it something they think they mean in the moment? Never sure whether to think the future faking thing is something to hold a guy in contempt over for being a liar or if its something to feel sorry for them about.

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    I think guys coming on strong mean it in the moment and maybe also to convince themselves and later realize they are not all in. But there probably will also be guys who do it on purpose to get the girl.

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    Haven’t even you agreed to something in the moment and then later after second thoughts about it? It’s not just a man thing.

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    If a man comes onto you strong and starts “plans” after seeing you twice, then he is future faking. If you knew each other, and things progress naturally for some time, then talking about the future is natural. Not about marriage right away bt about a trip somewhere together, for example.

    You need to make your judgement depending on the circumstances, on the man’s history, his behaviour etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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