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    Dating Sucks

    So, I matched with this guy on a dating app. He asked for my number and through text, we seemed to really get along. Our conversations were in-depth conversations about life and just getting to know each other. Throughout the week and a half, he would say little things like wow you’re perfect and we would tell each other what we are looking for in terms of the perfect person. So this week he mentioned that we had to meet and hang out and I agreed. The next day we were talking about something and I happened to ask him why he was single and told me he’s not looking to settle down. He suggested we be friends, I asked him why he was on dating apps, his response was that he is always looking for friends… Now, I consider myself to be someone that is pretty good at picking things up and he did not in any way insinuate that friends is what he was looking for. He was super flirtatious, very open about the type of girls he’s into, and even apologized when he went a whole day without talking to me the day before I asked him all this. My question to you ladies is do you think he had this mindset from the beginning and is looking for f*ck buddies or do you think I did something to change his mind about me and want to be friends?

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    He is looking for sex only. He told you.
    Dont waste your time.

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    This is WHY you need to get off the darn app, computer or phone and meet people in PERSON asap so you can achieve an realistic view of an individual, not a pen pal (which the two of you became), or one who is doing this to several desperate and lonely ladies because he’s not ‘datable’ material in real life.

    Anyone can be who they want to be online. They can be married or in relationship already (he most likely is); they could be looking for hookups, they could be looking for a friendships or a relationship. The problem with online dating apps today is that you don’t know WHO is actually sitting behind the device. He could be a 400 lb man, he could have an ankle bracelet on, he could be a pedophile, he could be whatever he wants to be because you’ve never met or spent any real life time with him!

    He targets women like you because you’re too gullible and don’t DEMAND he spend any time with you which is his goal obviously or you would have by now! iF you want to use dating apps to talk endlessly with internet strangers and not go on an actual date IMMEDIATELY to find out WHO is actually behind the screen, then keep doing what YOU are doing because you allow it to happen and get this far. Sad it took you this darn long to figure it out.

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    Well it hit me right away

    “Why are you single?”

    yi yi yi It sounded like you were interviewing for a relationship.
    Asking these personal and awkward questions on your first date?

    In the beginning at least, just have fun on casual dates and get to know each other. You’ll soon know if you have things in common and believe me, you will find out VERY quickly if he’s only out for sex.

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