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    My ex blocked me a few weeks ago after I said I no longer wanted to be in a FWB situation with him.
    I do love him and ideally want to be with him, but I know that I need to start meeting people and moving forward.
    We have a mutual friend on social media who has expressed an interest in meeting me. I know I am free to do as I please, but I don’t want to do something that will make things worse or awkward.
    What would you do? (Keep in mind, neither of us have actually met this guy).

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    You’re worried this will hurt your chances of a reconciliation.

    If your’re ex blocked you because you didn’t want to be his booty call, I say good riddance.
    In the case of this mutual friend I say pass. You still seem hung up on this ex and need time to heal.

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    I’ve definitely been in the “ex trap”. I have not pursued anyone else. I’d actually like to meet this guy though. He seems really nice and I’m tired of putting my life on hold.

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    How long ago did you two break up?
    When did the FWB start?

    Idk, if you’re saying you still love him why not get over that first?

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    We have been broken up since last August. Only FWB and back in contact the last few months.
    I get what you’re saying. I think part of me will always love him. But I still need to move forward in my life. I am not looking to rebound or rush into anything… just meet nice guys again and get out there.
    If it wasn’t someone we were both friends with, I wouldn’t be asking for advice here. Really, I am just looking for thoughts on meeting this particular person.

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    I say meet him.. What have you got to lose?

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    If you think you’re ready to go out so be it.
    Just don’t mention him too much to this guy. Especially since neither of you have met him in real life.

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    I think its a terrible idea, just because he is an on line pen pal and a mutual pen pal with your ex. And how expressive was this guy about meeting you? I think you still have feelings for your ex, which will take time and somehow affecting this sudden interest in this ‘mutual’ friend. I would continue sage burning ex memories instead

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    He’s asked me several times over the course of the past couple months.
    I haven’t taken him or anyone else up on their offers.
    I should have been all along.

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    Don’t take up any guy that comes along. Don’t put yourself into situations that can also cause drama. This will make things worse if your ex at a later date decided she indeed wants to reconcile and is missing you now that you’re out of his life.

    I say? Leave the mutual pal. Heal. Get over the break up with this FWB and wait for the right one, not just anyone

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    How do you have a mutual friend neither of you have ever met? Seems to me you are using the term friend loosely. How did you become “friends” with this guy? Because he’s not really a friend of your ex I don’t see an issue. BUT If the guy is long distance I say absolutely NOT!

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    He’s a local guy I’ve chatted with and interacted with for several years, but I wouldn’t be “friends” or whatever with him if it wasn’t for my ex.

    I think meeting him will cause unnecessary drama as I move forward. He may be a good guy, but I don’t want to be in the position of being so close my ex.

    I’ve decided not to. Thank you for your input! ♡

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