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    I’m meeting my boyfriend’s dad for the first time. Initially we were all meant to go out for coffee, but instead, our first meeting is going to be at the cinema. I guess it’s less daunting as there won’t be as much conversation.

    I would just like some tips and advice on how to give a good impression?

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    Turn your cell phone off.

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    How can you get to know someone if you go to a place where you are not supposed to talk? Wear deodorant and make sure your legs are shaved?

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    Just be yourself hun. I am sure you know how to act like a civilized young lady with good manners.

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    And another making fun of OP reply from the not so perfect L

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    It is not a bad way to break the ice. Watch a movie together and then chat about it. I’d say do not wear perfume at all because you never know if he’d like it or not, he might even be sensitive or allergic to it. Be polite and engaging, ask questions but do not pry. Showing him that you are making an effort for him to like you is not a bad thing. Be humble but if there is an opportunity to say something that would make you look good, do not miss it. Say something sweet about your BF, something you enjoy about him, especially if it is something small like how he eats his popcorn or slurps his drinks. LOL His dad would care about one thing, do you love his son and would you be good to him if you get married. So go from there.

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    Omg Emma it’s a date and meet up. Not a freaking job interview!

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    Omg – I found Emmas comment the most helpful, no need to be rude.

    Thank you to those who gave advice, I’m happy to say it went well and I was invited out again!

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    I have to say this is even helpful to me as I am meeting his father this weekend and its for my boyfriend running a marathon downtown. I think the key is to dress nicely and be polite, dont be afraid to be yourself cause that’s why yourn boyfriend loves you and I’m sure his dad will too.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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