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    We met at a bar where he asked for my number. We just had our first date on Thursday- I thought it went really well. He’s definitely someone I want to keep seeing. He drove me back home.. I texted right after saying thanks for a fun night and hope he got home safe. He texted back right away that he never enjoyed going bowling that much before. I replied with a smile. But so far, he hasn’t texted anything yet. It has been 2 days. Is this common? Or should I take it as he is not interested in taking it further?

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    Give it a little longer. There’s still hope as could be playing it cool. You could drop him a message maybe tomorrow evening asking how his weekend was / start of the week. If you don’t hear or get a response should you text them try not to get down over it. This isn’t a reflection on you and doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy the date, sometimes life just gets in the way and perhaps he has had something else come up, an ex get in touch, a curveball in life. If he’s the sort of guy that ghosts or ignores you as isn’t adult enough to say he had a good time but can’t see it going any further then it’s better to know this now and move on. Will be a bullet dodged for the future if his communication skills are so poor.

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    Anne Ohio

    I don’t know about dropping him a message tomorrow asking how was his weekend. That’s dopey. What is he supposed to say, fine, thank you and how was yours?

    it’s a hint meaning, please text me back because Im waiting to hear from you.

    Why would he not be interested if hes a nice person and dating for the purpose of meeting that special lady. Either he will text and it won’t amount to anything, or he will ask for another date, or he will blow y off.

    Just be patient. If you text him first, you won’t know if he’s responding to be polite.

    But if he wants to pursue you in a serious way, he will step up with another date for next weekend.

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    Do NOT text him. If he is interested and available you will hear from him within 3 days. If he doesn’t he is not interested or available. He may entertain your text but you cant push a man into something if he is not ready to pursue you.

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    Thanks, guys! I’m not planning to text him. Just curious what’s normal or not!

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    It’s only been a few days. Give it some time. People actually get busy and have things on in their lives. If he had fun and wants to see you again let him come to you. At this early stage neediness is not a good look. If he contacts you again and you want to see him again be receptive to it. If he doesn’t contact you at least think of it is as you had a nice time and it’s no reflection on you if he doesn’t contact you. As someone else mentioned something else may have come up.

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    Keep doing your own thing. For all you know he’s on dating apps and websites. You should be too, rather than fixating if he’ll call you back. after 3-5 days of not hearing from him, i’d say put him on the backburner. Good dates doesn’t always mean they’d see potential for more. that’s the worst part of it unfortunately.

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    2 days is hard to say.. Be patient…

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    It was Thursday and now it’s Sunday night. So it’s been three days… :/

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    Nothing from him yet. Is this a sign of ghosting?

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    Dear Lord no this is not ghosting!

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    Ghosting is if you’re in a relationship and your partner disappears without saying anything.

    If he doesn’t want to see you again, he doesn’t owe you an explanation. It’s just a first date. Leave him alone, he’ll contact you again if he’s interested.

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