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    Long story short I dated my ex for 5 years. When we met his had just had a spinal surgery. While healing for that he got hooked on opioids. After 3 years he moved in with me, more due to the situation rather then us wanting to progress. Just before he moved he got cut from his prescription. This is when he started using hard street drugs. During this whole time he was not very nice to me (he was my friend bf, and I was very insecure) he would tell me about women he had slept with, shown me pictures, caught him messaging women to even threating to hurt me. One day stuff blew up, he was intoxicated and I kicked him out and the police were called. This is where and when I should have ran for the hills. He kept saying he would try and kill himself etc and how he had no one and I fell for the I need to be there for him still even after all the pain and hurt I suffered. I didn’t want to be the cause of his death. (Which I know it would be on him not me, but still hard to think of) 17 months later he has stopped with the death talks but we still argue and fight every day. He keeps saying he wants to keep trying and I kept saying I need to work on myself. I have tried to fully end things before but I end up getting yelled at, called every name in the book, threats he might do harm to himself so every time we fall back into this “friendship”. August 23 it became so clear to me that I am so unhappy I am not myself and cannot be happy for other people. I woke up with an anxiety attack on the 24 but knew today was the day I had to be very clear “I do not want a relationship with you”. As predicted he called and yelled at me, called me every name in the book. Says I have mental health issues etc. I said we are two different people. He said it is because I have mental issues from working so much (he did not help out while we lived together, he just did drugs) his last message to me was how he wants to leave the city and would I take him to the airport. Including some other disses to me. I know what I am doing is right. It’s just Soo hard… any words of advice or encouragement would be so amazing right now

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    Been in an abusive relationship for four years. The best thing that ever happened was him leaving. I felt At peace. I felt relieved and I got back to being myself. Let the bastard go and don’t ever look back.

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    Five years of this crap? He’s a narcissistic lazy addict who lived off of you. Nuff said.

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    I would pay for a one-way ticket to somewhere on the other side of the country to just be rid of him, then block him on every single avenue—that would be worth every penny of peace!

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    block him out completely

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