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    Thanks for the advice. He broke up with me. Now, I need to see this for the blessing that it is. I no longer have to walk on eggshells. But he’s a repeat offender when it comes to walking away and returning. I don’t if this is the last time. I need to build my strength up.

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    huh? like seriously? u take him back each time? why?

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    His social media presence has always been an issue. He’s a funny guy, but has a strange sense of humor. He posts a lot of sexual, inappropriate things… makes fun of people… calls people out when he’s mad at them, including myself. I noticed these things right away in the relationship, but never spoke up about them. The situation boiled over when I found out he was also doing inappropriate things privately… soliciting nudes, commenting inappropriately, etc.. with multiple women. For me, that was cheating behavior. We broke up shortly after that, but we did end up getting back together. Obviously, the key in that was I needed to see change in that behavior. And he did, but I remained very cautious of what I saw. I rarely question anything of his anymore, but when I do, he blows up on me and holds the relationship hostage. He sees it as me trying to start something. I see it as a valid question or thought… not out of distrust, but for understanding and clarity. I can see why he doesn’t want to be questioned or feel like I’m always looking. But that’s really not the case. I really only bring something up if I’m bothered by it. This past week, he posted a rant against his Dad’s gf. He called her a f***ing meth whore. Maybe she is, I don’t know, but I find it highly inappropriate to post something like that publicly. A few days before, he posts a rant about his job and how he’s being mistreated. That, too was inappropriate. These things are the complete opposite of what I’d do, say or believe. He can be a very sweet, loving guy. I’m just so conflicted. Am I hung up on the social media issue or is he just a giant ass?

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    If you cant resist a assclown with a nasty mom who doesnt defend you, calls you a narcistist on social media and breaks up with you several times, then you really need to build up strenght, self esteem and setting boundaries no one can cross. Please take time to do that and dont jump on this crazy carroussel again

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    Why are you conflicted about a Giant Ass?!

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    This is the type of guy you pick? I’d love to see the ones you turn down.

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    I don’t understand. You said he broke up with you? So this is no longer an issue?

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    I’m seeking clarity as to the events that led to that point and answering someone else’s question. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Maybe you should respond to Ravens new thread because you are the classic example of a woman who would be in an unhealthy relationship rather than being alone.

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    I’ll take a look. Thanks. 😊😊😊

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    Alive in the Grave

    There is something fishy about this. Mothers and sisters can smell a bad egg a mile away. They will try tacitly to make the toxic girlfriend move on,but if she won’t take the hint they will go into full attack mode and e.g. make social media threats as happened in this case. What does that say about the OP?

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    Just curious. What’s all this bad stuff he tells his mom about? We only hear your side f the story. And I agree the social media threats are beyond odd. But what is going on in your relationship he feels he needs to complain about?

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    @ Alive In The Grave

    He also posts things and talks about me negatively… the woman he supposedly loves. I think he’s just a chip off the old block and that there’s a lot of toxicity in that family. I’m the one seeking advice, clarity, reading, etc. in order to better myself.

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    I agree with Newbie, this is about your boundaries and standards. He’s not just inappropriate, he sounds disgusting. He calls her a meth wh** on social media? I think I would block someone like this even if we weren’t close, just to not see any of this in my feed.

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    What kind of clarification do you need about this. He’s inappropriate, he at least emotionally cheats, his mother doesn’t like you based on what he tells her. How more clear can you get? You chose to stay in really bad situation. Your clarity should be to move on and never respond or get back with this crazy guy. Unless you like being humiliated.

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