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    I just got a message from my ex’s friend on a dating app ( which is the same app where I met my ex on ) .. he sent a message saying “cutie” which is normal cause he always used to give me compliments on how cute I am when ever I was hanging out with my ex and his friends while we were still dating .. I’m pretty sure he knows we’re not together anymore and I never used to see or talk to him except when I was with my ex …. I know some of his friends used to do this thing where they try to get or sleep with girls their friends have been with before and I hope that’s not why he messaged me cause I would be totally disgusted ..
    So now am not sure if I should just reply maybe he’s just being nice and wants to say hi or I should just ignore the message ..

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    If you know his friends try to sleep with other guys exes why question his motives. There are tons of men out there. Don’t get yourself involved in drama. He may or may not be for real, but why would you want to date your exes friend anyway.

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    And what can you reply to ‘cutie?’. He’s not asking anything or making conversation so why bother wondering what it neans or how you should reply

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    @ Jay I would never consider dating my ex’s friend .. which is why I said I would be totally disgusted if my ex’s friend thought he could try it with me.

    He might get a notification when I open the message and I think ignorining it would give out the impression that I am still bothered about the breakup .. what do you think ??

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    I think you should ignore and move on.

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    Thanks @jay .. I’ll take your advice ..

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