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    So I split with my ex after being together for about seven months, about mid last year. We kept I now touch, and from around September to November we talked a lot about how we still felt for each other and about trying again.
    Subsequently we didn’t take that further, as we had a row and he decided that we wouldn’t be good together again as despite our feelings, we would end up arguing and splitting up again.

    I have just found out that he is with someone else, and he has said it’s serious enough that they are moving in together.

    I can’t believe it if I’m honest. It was only November we were telling each other we still loved each other, and for months we dalied around with should we shouldn’t we and supported each other through tough times.

    Surely I can’t have been replaced in his affections this quickly that it’s that serious already?

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    It is not about replacing you. Maybe they get along much better than you did. Men are very realistic in how they think about the future.

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    This does sting. You cannot compare yourself nor should you give it your mental energy. Y’all were split up and that is that.

    Trust you’ll find someone that is mad about you in time.

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    If he found someone else (who may very well be a rebound) please remember it has nothing to do with you! Just because a man may be more compatible with someone else doesn’t mean you are inferior.. just different. You are awesome and fabulous and there is a man out there who will believe that wholeheartedly.

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    Thank you ladies. It just really stings… that’s for sure.

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    You two were not compatible and your relationship wasn’t going anywhere. So 90 days later and he’s moving in with someone… he’s either rebounding hard and fast or he met the right person. Neither of those things is about you. Don’t torture yourself with focusing on him. Anyone you really care for, you want the best for them, even if it’s not you. Wish him well in your head and keep the focus on you so you can meet the right person.

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    Your guys broke up over 6 months the ago and you were only together for 7 months. So I’d say that’s no thát quick. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but ‘talking about getting back together maybe’ is not being in a relationship so I don’t think that part is counted in the ‘relationship window’. Reality is that he found someone about 7 months after you were together 7 months. Plus you didn’t get together again because you two were fighting. That must’ve really made him realise you aren’t compatible with each other.

    He might be rushing, he might be making a big mistake, he might have coincidentally found the love of his life right after breaking it off with you. Right now, there’s no way to tell and it doesn’t matter.

    I know it hurts and it sucks, but you can do better than what you two were, you can recover and end up finding the guy for you and you’ll ve happy this one ended and won’t care one bit whether this ex is in a relationship or not. You’ll be fine, you’ll be great, you’ve got huis.

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    Very good points Algo.

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    I guess the thing is once my head I thought all that time we’d get back together so I didn’t move on. I thought it was the same for him given all our contact through the last months still and the indication of how he feels still and how hard it was to walk away from.
    It has only been since end of November since we said we wouldn’t again try. Well he said it actually after or falling out. So at most he must have been with her a couple of months. It hurts.

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