Ex gf of 3 years ended it, then contacted me.

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    We were together 3 years. She broke up with me because I took her for granted and got complacent in the last half year. I was selfish. I made the mistake of thinking she would always be there. Sometimes I talked condensending to her and just chose what I wanted to do over her suggestions and she had had enough.

    I begged and pleaded but then went hardcore No contact. A month later..

    She texted me a week ago “Hey. I wanted to apologize to you and any ill feelings you might have towards me. I should have given you more of a chance to talk and I’m sorry. I hope you have a good senior year and you make the best of It”

    I responded a day later “Hey, thanks for reaching out. There are no ill feelings because I know I did some hurtful things too. I need to apologize as well because I know I was not the best partner and I now recognize where I failed. I did not mean to hurt you in the ways that I did. Hope everything is going good.”

    Was this a good response if I want her to continue to think about me in hopes of reconciliation? I felt it was mature and selfless. But I can also see how it relieved her dumpers guilt and could help her move on more. She has not replied and it’s been a week.. Do you see her ever reaching out again?

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    Sweetie, this isn’t a psychic hotline. If you want a prediction try one of those. That was a good response. But you can’t sit around dream up ways of making people do your bidding. If you want to see if she would reconcile, take baby steps towards her. Ask her to meet you for coffee. Without raising getting back together, just go and meet her if she agrees and have a good time for an hour or so. At the end just say you enjoyed her oompany and ask if she might be wiling to do it again. Baby steps.

    Also, when you love someone, you want the very best for them, whether they wish to be with you or not. Remember that. When you aren’t trying to get something from someone, you are a lot more attractive to them.

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    Yes I would ask her for coffee and if things are going well raise the issue of reconciliation. A girl expects a man to chase her.

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    Also, when you meet. I would say specifically the things you did wrong. Say what you mentioned in your post. If she is on the fence she really wants to hear that you recognize exactly what you did wrong and would commit to not doing it again.

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    Chance you posted this same exact thread 5 days ago. What exactly do you want us to say? I’m assuming now it’s been longer than a week since you heard from her. Do you really want advice or are you just a troll?

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    Amanda Rocks

    But what has changed Chance if you were happy to take her for granted before and speak to her in a condescending manner and behave selfishly, what will be different this time ? Are you wanting to reconcile for the right reasons or is it because you havent met anyone else and are getting bored ? You need to think long and hard about this as this girl deserves a man that thinks the world of her and treats her accordingly.

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