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    My ex broke up with me two months ago. It was our third break up, the first break up was because he was scared and was having a lot of what ifs and wanted to end the relationship, so that the damage won’t get too severe. I talk to him that nothing happened yet, if there might be it’s better to face it than regretting. The second time he break up with me was through text and it’s the same reason but he added something like, he wanted to focus on work and he might not have a lot of time for the two of us(Since both of started working three months ago)

    I was asking him the real reason but he got mad when I kept asking and he said that “I love you but I can’t do this anymore. I said “okay, let’s break up but can we please do it in person not through text.” He didn’t want to because he can’t do it face to face, but I wanted to do it in person and kept saying he didn’t want. I can’t remember what I said that made him say “Let me think first.” Then we stop talking and the next day he asked if we can meet, I agreed and we talked and he apologized. I asked him, why he stayed and he said “Maybe I gave up too fast.” Then after two weeks the third break up came, I already knew he was gonna break up. He apologize and kept on saying stuffs like, I’m sorry I wasn’t a good boyfriend, I cherished all the memories we had and it made me really happy. Then he broke up with me. I only said “It’s okay.” And “I love you.” Those were my last reply because my heart was too crushed.

    I deactivated all my social media accounts cause it hurts when I saw posts of him having fun with co-workers and friends. After a month I only reactivated twitter(Since twitter will delete my account after 30 days) and messenger only. It didn’t affect me much when I saw his tweet with having fun with friends or stuffs he did but after a week of my reactivation of twitter, I saw his tweet that he made a poem for his crush. My heart broke, I thought I was already fine. So I blocked him in twitter.

    Then after a week from blocking him, my friends message me in messenger. They screenshot my ex profile picture in FB, he was wearing the jacket I gave him, I only saw him wearing it twice when I gave it to him as a gift. He love it but it wasn’t his style that’s why he didn’t wear it much.

    I didn’t know what to feel other than it really affects me too much when I saw it. There was so many why’s in my head, I asked a male friend for an advice and he said probably he is trying too look good at his crush. In my mind I couldn’t swallow that reasoning, because of all the things he can wear too look good for his crush, why my gift of all things.

    I honestly love my ex but I know I can’t be with him, if he doesn’t want to be with me. It just really hurts because we had been best friends since highschool and started dating when I was in 3rd year college.

    Sorry if my English is a bit confusing, it’s really not my forte.

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    He broke up with you twice and is now writing poems to his crush. That should tell you everything you need to know. The reason that he broke up with you is irrelevant, you could go crazy trying to figure out. The important thing is he broke up with you for whatever reason. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. I know it hurts. Move on. Get a pedicure, do something you like for yourself and start dating again. The best revenge is happiness. Learn an important lesson which is ONLY LOVE THOSE WHO LOVE YOU. Go no contact because guys can get bored or lonely or rejected and reach out to you for comfort and assurance because he knows you are there. Don’t be that girl.
    Also when a guy breaks up with you don’t ever ask him to do it in person, don’t ask anything cause he is breaking up with you and asking And wanting to see him is humiliating and is terrible for your self esteem.
    A man doesn’t want you find another. That’s the first thing men do after a break up. They’ll have another in a second
    About the jacket, it’s a jacket and men don’t think about like we do. They are practical. It’s a jacket and he decided to wear it, don’t think about it

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