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    I was talking with a 53 year old woman recently and she was complaining long and hard about women no longer being able to retire at 60. A few years ago an Act was passed raising the retirement age to 67 for both men and women. This was as far as she was concerned the downside of equality of the sexes.
    She wanted to cherry pick the things she liked about equality while being allowed to reject the downside e.g. having to work an extra 7 years and that is not how it works. I said nothing during this mini rant as I knew I would have been wasting my breath.

    I would have some sympathy for the feminist movement if leading feminists made speeches like following:
    ‘Systers womyn-born-womyn we in the feminist movement will not rest until 50% of coal miners,deep-sea fishermen,lumberjacks,sewage works and steel foundry workers are female!
    Furthermore we must realise that a large percentage of womyn are simply not interested in become astronauts,CEOs or merchant bankers and that STEM bores womyn to tears!’

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    In answer OP, yes you should definitely give dating a miss at this point in your life, your outlook and disposition are just too damn cheery.

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    Welcome to the future. In the states there hasn’t been a difference in retirement age between the sexes in decades. I think you make up these stories just so YOU can rant. You are like a little old lady yourself.

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    I’d rather answer posts than create editorials.. that’s my kind of troll.

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    Retirement used to be 65, not 60

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    Actually Crisula, in the US I think the retirement for women was 62 at one point for women and 65 for guys.
    In 1983 there was an amendment that was to raise age from 65 to 67 over a 22 year period with 11 year hiatus where retirement age will be 66 regardless of gender.

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    Better off single

    I’m nowhere near retirement age and I get the feeling due to being in the poverty class I’ll probably work til I die so retirement doesn’t apply for me.

    There’s things men do women aren’t made to do and there are things women do that men aren’t made to do either.

    There’s probably a very small percent of women who can handle a man’s job. Like a coal miner. Those that could would get sexually harassed by some moron who only thinks with his “little” head. it would just cause drama and cost more money… or the woman is a lesbian and unattractive because she makes herself look like a man. Then she will get treated like one (in a bad way teased/mocked etc) and her emotions aren’t in check so that causes a different kind of drama.

    If I didn’t have kids, vertigo, and had the IQ for it, I’d love to be an astronaut.

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