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    Hey all,

    I need your advice on something. Two years ago I was dating another guy at the time– when this new man started in our office. I was immediately drawn to him, and became good friends. However, I knew I had to stay loyal to my boyfriend at that time, so obviously nothing happened.

    Well fast forward and that guy didnt treat me right, and the new man in our office started dating this other girl- they are still dating.

    But for the second time now, he has admitted his feelings for me. Drunk, but still happened.

    I told him respectfully that he needs to figure out his relationship before talking to a woman like myself, because I respect relationships and it can be difficult to end one, I know.

    But after his admittance of feelings for me, he apologized and blocked me on all social media. Now, we can’t even be friends because he is that tempted? I’ve never heard of this before.

    I guess, I’m sad, because I liked being his friend, but I didn’t realize how much he must have liked me. I have been thinking how timing has a lot to do with everything and I must respect his relationship and I guess just live my life.

    However, my question is, I really like this man, and really hate the fact that we basically both know how each other feels– but now I can’t even be his friend. I guess any insight to this would be helpful. I just wish I didn’t like him so much.

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    He can’t be your friend because he has feelings for you and he’s already commited to someone else. He’s being honourable and faithful.

    Let’s face it, you don’t just want to be his friend either do you?

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    He cares about his girlfriend and their future more than he does on impulsive feelings for you.

    Just as you said you are the kind of girl that respects relationships, in his way, so does he.

    It may have been he wanted a side fling but you nixed that idea and rightfully so.

    Either way, he is unavailable and you are better off seeking someone that you can say is all yours.

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    ‘Feelings?’ When he is drunk? He has a girlfriend chica. Move on.

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    Wow. If I had a dollar for every drunken confession of “feelings” I’ve had guys tell me over the years. Means zilch, zip, nada without any actions. My guess is he is blocking you on social media not because of some great temptation or love for you but because his girlfriend probably doesn’t like the fact you two are such “good friends”‘ and work together. What he’s saying to you right now is your friendship isn’t as important to him as his girlfriend. Timing is a bitch. Respect his relationship and go live your life. I’d hate to tell you how many people I knew who started relationships with good friends of theirs and neither the relationship or the friendship lasted. You’ve living in a fantasy world.

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    I’m not a jealous person at all and I’m not easily swayed to tell my bf whom he van and cannot see, but if he had feelings for another girl, I’d want him to pick one (preferably me obviously) and stop contacting the other.

    If I developed feelings for anothe roman, I hope I’d have the decency to do the same this man did. My loyalty is complete, I hope to always act in that way as well.

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    We actually don’t work together anymore. I totally understand what you’re saying it’s just so hard because I can tell when we’re sober there’s This great chemistry.

    He didn’t ever tell her about what happened. I respect him in a way for deleting me but I also feel punished for something I didn’t do back to him. Thank you for your help. I just really like him and it’s so difficult when I feel timing is the only reason we’re not together and I worry I won’t ever find someone who makes me laugh like he does.

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