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    I have a guy friend who I have definite chemistry with. Whenever we’re together he finds me and spends his time with me, even if his friends are around. He has given me his jacket, told me I look just like my mom and it s a good thing, never liked the guys I talk to, and recently while we were hanging out and talking he held my hand. He also pointed out that I wasn’t holding his hand back. I m finally ready to date after my last (toxic) relationship, but I m also scared. He’s talked about taking me out for a good time but I froze and we dropped it, and we’ve never talked about any of this in depth. I’ve asked him to get drinks and he won’t answer. People have made comments that they don’t know why we aren’t already dating. I tend to second guess his intentions and get awkward. Is it possible he sees me as more than a friend and should I talk to him and be honest about my feelings? I’m so scared of ruining a friendship, but I really like him and can’t keep having our flirtatious moments happen.

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    definitely talk to him about it, if the friendhsip is stable, it wont ruin anything

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    I think its always wise to let the man start up those conversations. I think its wise for the lady to sit back and just listen, watch, observe without making any moves or having “the talk” as it you are throwing a man in a pressure cooker where you should just allow it to unfold naturally and organically by giving the man the room and non-pressured environment to allow him to build an *emotional connection* with you first before you segue to the romantic/physical.

    Men are not women, they are the opposite in the romantic realm where they will show you first, then tell you when they are ready to move it forward, if they don’t, then you are going to get hurt and you’ll be to blame for it, not him. Just let him do his job. All you need to do is sit back, be receptive, fun, light, and interesting to be around and talk with without making any declarations or major moves. Need to be mindful that it could be a case of “infatuation” (look it up) so need to refrain from falling down that rabbit hole until its super clear he’s not yanking your chain—this takes MONTHS to suss out so keep your expectations low until he shows and proves to you he’s ALL IN, if not, walk away or you’re going to get your heart stomped on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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