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    Hey folks,

    So a guy I know dumped his girlfriend yesterday and reached out to me shortly thereafter, told me he missed me (twice!) and asked when I was coming to town to visit. We’ve only ever been just friends, although I always hoped there was something ‘more’ but it just never really happened and I moved on. Do you think he could like me? I mean, we’re not that close, so for me to be one of the few ppl he contacted the day he broke up with his gf makes me wonder if there was something ‘more’ between us beyond our friendship all along…. Thx!

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    Sounds like it but be careful, this could be a full-on rebound for him…and leave you emotionally attached and upset when he moves onto the new girl…

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    Better off single

    Yeah, go with what Anon said. So be careful. More guys seem to be game players thinking with what’s between their legs these days and like to win without even considering your feelings about it.

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    Better off single

    Younger guys can be pretty immature.

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    You only gave part of the story…

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    True, being newly single, hes going to want to prove to himself that hes a stud. He may very well want to conquer, or win over any nice female that will fall.

    Brilliant analysis by the above poster.

    Some posters might advise meeting and discussing the subject. EWWWW. NO

    A big, shrewd, confident woman would immediately and clearly friend zone him, happily, with no explanation. Obviously, you are not obligated to explain your good common sense

    Hes still got her smell on him. Who would want that?

    Don’t lead him on out of your own ego

    Also, you don’t want a situation where he may or not continue to text or otherwise not break with her 100percent

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    Thanks for all the responses. I did post this in a separate forum with more backstory. Basically, he and I were kindred spirits but never crossed the line romantically. He’s a lot younger than me, and I think that got in the way. I could have initiated things myself at some point, but I prefer to be pursued, so nothing ever developed and we remained friends, although I always wished and hoped he would step up to the plate. Eventually I got tired of waiting and went on a date with someone else. He found out about it, seemingly became upset, and as a knee-jerk reaction, got himself a “girlfriend” from a dating app shortly thereafter. This both hurt me and annoyed me and I felt he was truly showing his age by being so infantile. I actually ended up moving away after that, and haven’t really been in contact with him much since, apart from social media, where he continues to follow me religiously and ‘like’ all my pics/ posts. I knew he would break up with the girl eventually, as I always assumed the relationship was in reaction to me, but I thought I’d hear about it through the grapevine– not that he’d contact me the exact same day to let me know. I understand where ppl are coming from, talking about a “rebound” or him only thinking with what’s between his legs, but honestly, I live thousands of miles away and we haven’t been in contact since I saw him last in person, which was several months ago. If he just wanted to get laid or rebound with someone, there are plenty of other local ladies on dating apps he could message. But he contacted me, thousands of miles away, his old friend, just to say he missed me, that he and the girl are over, and that he’d like to see me again/ when am I coming back that way to visit. So yeah. I think he knows that he messed up, and that we could have had something special had he not overreacted back then. He felt the need to inform me that his impetuous mistake ran its course and is over, and that he’s ready to come correctly :-)

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    So now you’re a cowards rebound?

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    What did he say when he said he’d come correctly?

    That sounds like he wants you back, but from what you wrote, it sounds like you never crossed the friends threshold to relationship before. So what’s he coming back to?

    Tread very very carefully.

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    this is way too complicated. there were past issues due to which you guys dint cross the line of friendship to romance. those weren’t resolved. and now you have other fresh issues. which together make a whole lot of issues don’t you think? I think really your just walking blind foldedly ahead despite knowing there is a cliff ahead and you will most likely fall down. don’t give in please. stay firm and move on. let him remain a distant friend.

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