Does he like me, or is he just a really nice guy?

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    Lucie Jones

    So, there is a guy that works at the library that I go to ALL the time. The long and short of it is that he is practically everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy (I do recognize his flaws though. I’m not blind with lust). But he sometimes cuts me a little slack when it comes to book due dates (he’ll specially change days for me if I promise to bring the books back in a couple days). Another time I had just been mountain biking and a tree tore a giant hole down the thigh of my leggings and it was thunderstorming and I didn’t have a ride or my phone with me and no extra clothes. I was right by the library so I went in and he let me use his phone to call for a ride, he gave me his sweater and was looking for something for me to wear. It was so sweet. We haven’t done anything outside of the library, just talked there, and I don’t have his number. Do ya think he likes me?

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    Flirt with him. If he asks you out he likes you.

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    Lucie Jones

    I am NOT a flirter. I feel so awkward when I flirt and it might mess things up. Even if he’s not attracted to me like that, I’d like to stay friends with him. He is amazing.

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    No worries. You’ll stay friends as long as you keep going to his place of business.

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    If he isn’t asking you out, he’s probably not interested!

    That’s my rule of thumb with guys anyway. Helps me to avoid living in a fantasy land. And to move on to the next guy who IS showing interest with asking for my number/dates.

    And yes some guys seem very helpful and interested and then you find out later that they have a girlfriend/are gay/about to move to China etc… So I don’t even entertain thought’s about a guy anymore unless he’s solidly asking me out. And I’d suggest you and EVERY woman develops a similar attitude because life is too short to live in hopeful, “crush land”.

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    I’d say maybe try and have a conversation beyond what y’all have already talked about, and a little longer one too. Talk a little more with him and try and see if he engages you in a way that isn’t just him being polite, if that makes sense? He does in general seem like an overall nice guy, and it’s always great to have one of those in your corner!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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