Does he like me?

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    He asked me out and we went at a horror movie and then we had something to eat. We laughed a lot and he asked me out again and when he got home he texted me he didn’t have so much fun with someone for a long time. Everything seemed perfect, but when we’ve seen each other again at work he was cold and he didn’t text me as often as before(I mean almost not at all, only if I texted him first) and it seems like we won’t go to another date soon. I don’t know what happened. I am really into him and now I am sad and scared because I feel like I did something wrong.

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    You are over invested. You should not date until you give 0 f$cks about men who are not your boyfriend. And stop contacting him. That is his job until you are a mans girlfriend.

    He did not text you after the date (your initiation does not count, that was his way of showing you he was not interested.

    If you think you did something wrong, then review how you want to improve, and do that for the next guy. This one does not matter.

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    You scream – insecure attached

    He screams – avoidant attached.

    YouTube these attachment styles. You both sound bad for each other. He requires space and likes to be a bit more free he see why he isn’t texting you ‘enough’. You require reassurance in the form of frequent texts and dates arranged to meet again.

    As the other poster said, you are over investing in a man you don’t know. You need to be in the right head space for dating. If after one date you’re getting attached? You need to work on your attachment style and learning to overcome this need for validation. Occupy your time and stop obsessing. If he doesn’t want you? It’s not the end of the world. Certainly not scary.

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    Please don’t date men you work with! It usually ends badly and then you have to see him everyday, worry if he’s talking about you to the other male co-workers and have to hear if he’s dating someone else. Find a guy you don’t work with to date!!

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    Sorry Honey, this is exactly why you should not date guys you work with…

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    He senses your over eager attitude and he only wants casual. If you show too much interest in a man, their ego gets bent way out of shape. They aren’t interested anymore. Men want a challenge.

    I dated a guy for 5 months from work. He kept saying he can’t let me go at end of every date. Lots of kisses, I love you, hanging out.

    Then suddenly he dropped a bomb. He was stressing out about another woman at work. Trying to get her to hang out, etc.

    I was stunned because he appeared to be so into me. I was crushed. He stopped seeing me after that. Thinking back now, I saw no indications of losing interest. But he obviously did and maybe he ultimately didn’t think we were a good fit. Fair enough.

    Although you had a great time with him, he obviously had second thoughts. It’s best to find that out now rather than months down the road.

    A man’s actions always speak the truth. It appears men are good at hiding their true feelings. They also probably dont want to hurt you outright.

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