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    so my ex’s best friend has recently come back into my life after me and his friend have broken up and he is very odd and confusing. i don’t have any feelings towards him but i can’t tell if he has any towards me. he is always asking about my sex life, asking about my ex (which was 3 years ago so i find it odd that it’s all he can bring up), he calls me a whore, and is always asking me questions about my love/sex life. but he is also kinda kidding when he does which is why i’m here. when he calls me a whore it’s like i can’t really get mad because he would just be like “i’m just kidding, it’s a joke,” and i never really answer his questions about my sex life because it’s personal. my friends think it means he likes me. he also brings up my ex and his “new girl” (idek if she actually even exists) and i think he just does it to see if i get jealous. he also will be super nice to me over snapchat and be like hardcore flirting with me and then super mean in person. why is this?

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