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    I was dating a guy for a year and I found out that we started growing apart, it was because of my job and we didn’t talk as much as we used to. I considered him my best friend and he would tell me things like “i love you so much” and “i’ll be yours forever” we even talked about marriage. I found out from a friend that when I got a new job he started talking to a girl and “caught feelings for her” then I got a text saying “I think we’re better off as friends” I was devastated. A day after this happened he told me that him and the girl were together. I told him I was happy for him even though I was extremely hurt. Now our friendship has been all wacky and he always seems annoyed whenever I try to talk to him. He gave me back all my old things and asked for his hoodies back. I just want advice on how to get over him and fix our friendship, maybe even get back with him? Do you think it’s really over?

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    yes, it’s over.

    How many times does he need to tell you?

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    Anne Ohio

    Everyone here will give you the same advice because it’s common sense.

    He chose someone else. He didn’t mean let’s be friends. He meant, pleas let me live my life.

    You are not friends. He doesn’t want or need you as a friend. It hurts to know it’s over. I feel bad for you.

    There’s nothing you can do, you can’t make him change his mind.

    Repeat, he didn’t mean it when he said we can be friends.

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    Better off single

    “let’s be friends” = no hard feelings.

    “If you talk to me or dont I could care less because I like this other person. I’ll be back when it doesn’t work out with said person.”

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    Better off single

    “let’s be friends” = “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings so I’m letting you down as easy as possible. I’m getting annoyed now because you’re still contacting me.”

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    Better off single

    Once you cross that border into sex, there really is no going back. He might not have a problem, his girlfriend will.

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    I don’t know any guy that would turn down a woman that was desperately chasing them. The thing is we wouldn’t be interested in a real relationship either. It would just be an easy lay once in awhile.

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    you poor girl let it rest

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    Please salvage the last bit of dignity you have and stop speaking to him.

    He has made it clear with his actions that he no longer wants to be in contact with you.

    I know it hurts but, its gonna hurt more it you drag this out.

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    You really want to get back together with Mr. Short Attention Span?!

    You get a job & he starts chatting up & catching feelings for another girl… Let him go & find a guy who doesn’t have the attention span of a squirrel…

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    I”m sorry… you didn’t grow apart because of your job. It was other reasons and probably inevitable.

    And a guy who breaks up with a lame text like that and then the next day is with another girl? Oh honey, NO. You don’t need him back. He did a favor clearing out of your life. Yes, it’s over and good riddance. Give him his hoodie back and stop trying to be fake friends. You’ll meet someone better when you stop hanging on to him.

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    dont let someone screw you over like that

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    The fact that he broke up with you via text message after a year would be my first clue that he is a grade A douchebag. Then when I found out he was cheating on me, would be my clue to kick him to the curb instantly. He did you a favor. He will treat this new girl the same as he treated you. There really is no loss here.

    As for contacting him afterwards. BIG MISTAKE. You are stroking his ego and giving him all the control. First he ignores you, then cheats on you, then dumps you, and DGAF about your feelings, then you forgive him for all of that by chasing him and being friends with him. GIRL, do you not have any respect for yourself? Let this guy go!

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    We all know that em will not listen to any of the advice here and will continue chasing this douchebag. The title of the post speaks of itself. When a woman asks a question this way, she wants to hear something that would support her urges. If there is nothing, she’d still succumb to the urge. Sadly, she’d get hurt twice as bad doing that, but what can anyone do? Urges is what always gets people in trouble. Urges that we can’t control.

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