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    Im late to the dating game and have been dating this guy I really like for a month. We’ve been seeing a lot of each other and I’ve been wanting to take it slow we haven’t had sex or anything this whole time. But last night we got drunk and did some major foreplay and oral no intercourse. But I can’t help but worry if we went to fast. Any reason I should be feeling bad about it?

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    One month is a pretty long time so I would say don’t worry about it. Good for you for not going all the way..If you act worried or insecure about what you did he’ll be able to sense it so just act cool and like nothing happened. Make sure he’s a good guy though before you have sex with him!

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    Is a month that long to date? Did the 2 of you go out once a week or was it multiple times a week?

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    Yes it was multiple times a week

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