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    There is this girl that I know she really liked me. We hung out before and we did have sex. She did say that she has a big crush on me. I admit that I did not really like her in that manner in the way she liked me. She would text me everyday. Always would want to facetime with me. She showed a great amount of interest. She is on her way to being a surgeon and she is sort of busy which I get. But she always found a way to text me throughout the day. We are about 3 hours apart right now. There were times that she did try to see me but I was unable to. There was a time where I was in her city visiting and she invited me over. But I remember her telling me she was on her period and I decided not to go over her place. She said she will give me tickets to a basketball game but my favorite player wasn’t playing so i declined. I am more interested in another ethnicity of women than her. But she is cool. Looking back she expressed liking me. She even said she will give me a apple watch just because. I have not received it yet because our schedules seem not to align. Sort of was on it for some benefits of I’m honest but she is still a sweet person.

    Fast forward to now I noticed that she doenst text me pr anything like she used to. She doesnt seem like she wants to see me sometimes. Yes she is darn near a surgeon so it gets hectic so I’m not go count that against her. She doesnt seem that interested in me anymore. Was it because she felt that I wasn’t interested in her? Did she sense that? So she stopped putting any type effort. We could not talk all day unless I hit her up and it didn’t used to be like that. She would always text me and I’ll take my time responding. Now I get nothing at all. I thought she has a crush on me. She was so into me and knew she was not my type as time went on (she is not the ethnicity I really like) I kept her around because she cool and about to be a whole doctor. Like I said she suppose to give me a apple watch. I would never think anybody who just liked me would even offer that. She really is a sweet heart and I really want to know whatvypu guys think happened. Why is she so distant now with me.

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    You kept rejecting her so she wised up and moved on.

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    I’m trying to make it up to her.

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    It sounds like you just wanted to use her.. She would be lucky not to have you!

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    Liz Lemon

    How are you trying to make it up to her?

    If she’s not the ethnicity you like (as you made a point of mentioning twice in your post), why do you want her back?

    You seem more interested in the Apple watch and the fact that she’s going to be a doctor ($$$) than anything else. She’s probably (hopefully) seen that she’s wasting her time with you.

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    Am I not owned some type of explanation. I now try to hang out with her and it’s always a reason why she can’t. Either her job or traveling somewhere else.

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    Liz Lemon

    No, you are not owed an explanation. She’s busy, that’s the only explanation you get. You were not in a relationship, or even dating. You’re not entitled to anything more than what she’s giving you.

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    I really hope this is a fake post. What a complete a$%e you have behaved like! The best line was her being on her period 🙄. If you are seriously asking why she stopped bothering with you it is pretty easy to work out that you showed no interest in her aside from sex and money. Thankfully she wised up and moved on.

    I really hope you leave this woman alone. She deserves so much more than a user like you

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    Stanley you are a golddigger.

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    You’re willing to accept an apple watch from her? I hope she lost interest because you shouldn’t even entertain that idea. Oh and ps shes on her way to becoming a surgeon? Ok so if thats true (possibly not) she’s busy studying and paying for school. You don’t live nearby? And you can’t see her because of her period? And declined tickets to a game? First of all leave her alone for her own sake. Buy your own watch and tickets. You know that TLC song scub? Thats you. She don’t want none

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