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    So I approached this girl I like (shes shy) she was alone and she was nervous to talk to me at first and her body language was weird her legs were crossed and she was swaying in this weird but slow motion. We got along great and we talked and walked around the campus in lunch and had an amazing conversation of many topics oh I even made her laugh A LOT too and we made great eye contact and always looked me when we were walking. I then took her to class when the bell rang and asked her to add me on snapchat at first she hesitated then she said she would add me the next day but I kind of insisted her to take it (ik big mistake) so she agreed. I wrote my snapchat down on a piece of paper but she didn’t even take it and said that she would add me over the weekend which she did not. What should I do? My friend said I was a fool because I moved quickly and I pushed her to add me when she didn’t want to. What should I do? Should I talk to her as if nothing happened and yes I will take things slow next time I learned my lesson.

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    Joe what should I do I know I am an idiot but I learned my lesson the hard way. I don’t want things to be awkward between us so do I pretend nothing happened and just talk to her like a normal person?

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    She may have felt that you came on too strong. Who knows? You gave her your details. It’s up to her now if she wants to add you on Snapchat or not. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If she does that’s great. If not move on. I might seem a bit old-fashioned here, but what happened to asking for a girls number? If you’ve had a nice time talking with a girl try “would you mind if I got your number?” That way you can actually talk to the girl properly.

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    I agree you need to learn how to ask for her number so you can take her out on a proper date. Please learn this skill, it will be good for you. And yes, if you see her again just act normal. If you end up talking you can apologize for being pushy. But keep in mind it may be over with this girl. She may have made her own decision about you so try not to control that one too. There are other girls out there, do things right with them.

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    Do you know anything about her? Is it possible she has a boyfriend or is in a relationship? If so then no she’s not going to just add some random guy who approached her to her snapchat. I was also shy when I was younger and I would be nice to a guy if he did approach me or walk me to class or something but it didn’t mean I was interested. I was just a nice person. I think the fact she didn’t even take the paper from you says a lot. I would leave her alone.

    And as the others have said in the future ask for her number! If she’s not interested it’s super easy for her to say she has a boyfriend or she doesn’t give out her number.

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    Well How old are you? Snapchat nowadays is the way guys use to send pictures of their privates! And ask for pictures back! That’s why I never give out my Snapchat

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