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    I’ve known this guy for nearly two years and since we met we’ve had a thing for each other. Overtime, he became so incredibly important to me and I feel like he’ll always have a place in my heart. It was slow going, but we spent a few months after we met talking and possibly seeing each other. I found an excuse and turned down his invitations because I wasn’t ready and mostly scared of getting attached. During that time he pulled away and did not contact me until around a month later saying he was tired of me not making an effort. Understandable. Then I was honest and told him why. We then stopped talking for a while and I was no longer attached. I completely lost interest. A couple months down the line I regained that interest and reached out wanting to try again, he let me down because he currently had a girlfriend but didn’t actually say that. I figured it out. Fast forward middle of this year, he comes back full circle and we’re both ready to try again. We’ve been in constant contact for nearly five months now, however we’ve only started being serious about seeing each other and it becoming a regular thing in the last month or two (although we’ve talked about it the whole time it was a while before we actually put it into motion) I’ve only seen him twice but I was fine taking it slow. We haven’t had sex but we’ve done other things. After we started seeing each other more, he became more attentive in asking about my day, my life, saying good morning good night, etc and I thought we were finally getting somewhere. It was going absolutely great and better than ever. I didn’t doubt his interest because I knew it was absolutely reciprocated. I should also mention in recent weeks I found out (although not 100% certain) he was sleeping with someone or dating while he and I were talking, but I can’t get mad because we weren’t actually seeing each other or in a relationship. And whenever I ask if he’s seeing anyone else, he dodges the question. He completely refuses to tell me even though he says he’d never not be straight up with me. In the last week things have taken a complete turn, we’ve said about two words. He’s definitely distant. However he’s completely active on social media. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach something was off beforehand and I believe I was right. We last talked 4 days ago and I asked when I’d see him and he sent his schedule, saying it was packed and the days we’ll hang out, but nothing was ever confirmed. I made another attempt to reach out and it is safe to say he’s completely ignoring me now. Why would he do this? What happened? We’ve been attracted to each other and into the relationship since the beginning I refuse to believe he lost interest in a matter of days. I don’t mind putting my pride aside because I’m comfortable doing so with him, so should I give it another few days and just ask him what the hell happened? I will admit, to keep the number of days without contact from adding up, I found dumb reasons to reach out on other platforms, and I know I shouldn’t have done that. Now that I think about it, I was almost always wondering where I stood with him, there was always that uncertainty. This was completely out of nowhere and I’m extremely hurt. I thought I meant more. I thought our relationship was stronger than this. I know it’s long but it’s better if you know the full story.

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    He’s dodging You…
    How far apart are you two?

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    Liz Lemon

    How old are you two?

    Sorry to be negative but this sounds exhausting. You’re just playing games with each other. Interested, not interested, reaching out, not reaching out, going in circles. You’ve seen him twice in the past few months? He’s not that interested. You’re “taking it slow” with each other but he’s seeing other people? If you had a real connection you would not play these games. Again, sorry to be blunt but it’s how I see it.

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    Him going 180 degrees isn’t that surprising once you consider how evasive he was about answering if he was seeing someone else. Who knows maybe your questions triggered his conscience/guilt and he backed off as a result.

    Not to devalue what this rship meant to you, because I’m sure it meant a lot especially if it’s one of your firsts, but I question if he saw it as a relationship even though you did. Haven’t read anything that yet that proves so.

    And sometimes, especially with younger folks, someone can say or even believe they’re ready for a serious relationship, but they aren’t.

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    Better off single

    Once you learn to enjoy life being on your own 4 days of no contact isn’t that big of a deal.

    You are low on the priority list at the moment. Your emotions are all over the place because you really like him. Fear he doesnt like you back as much as you like him. Anxiously waiting for a response for setting up a date. Frustration because you aren’t getting what you want and it looks like he’s building it up just to flake on you last minute. Calm down. Wait for no one because your time is precious. Take a deep breath and make other plans.

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    He is doging you off, Your not on his priority list simple he is not interested in you even with you seeing other girls if he was interested he wouldn’t have done it.Same thing happens with my ex ignoring my text even he is online on social media behaving distant after that he ghosted me. Focus more on yourself live and enjoy your life

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