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    Boyfriend has been acting a bit odd. We went on a Valentine weekend vacation and he said something that got my mind spinning.

    We were listening to music and it was something we both immediately REALLY liked and he said “and he does private events, we should remember that…for later.”

    If it had just been that I probably would have dismissed it. It was everything else too. Kept saying “always”, “forever”, talking about the future, how perfect we are for each other. We’ve been together almost two years and he doesn’t really get sentimental or mushy like that, not to mention he texted me that he missed me when I left to go back home and keeps texting me that.

    I’m wondering if he might be thinking about marriage? I haven’t really been able to think straight. I know I’ll have to talk to him about it, it’s honestly kind of weird we haven’t done that yet. That’s mostly my fault. Anytime he brings up the future I kind of freeze up. I’m not immature, I’ve just been through a lot of emotional abuse over the years and I’m scared. I was scared at first that it wouldn’t work, and then I got scared because it was working too well. He understands why it scares me because I’ve talked to him about that. I just wonder if I’ve been pushing him back and maybe he’s tired of that and ready to move forward with commitment?

    I don’t know, I’ve seen a lot of people get torn apart just for asking opinions on here. I’m definitely going to have to talk to him about the future and try not to freeze up. I just don’t know if I should mention anything about what he said or leave it alone.

    We really are perfect for each other. Our relationship is amazing as it is right now.

    I’m overthinking. Help.

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    If the man wants marriage you don’t have to ask. He will tell you.

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    I am quite tired of hearing how people get torn apart here. People get useful advice here, form women all over the world, with experience and knowledge. And when they don’t follow this advice, some of them come there crying and get tough love. Learn to deal with it and learn how to take negative feedback.

    Most women here have the opposite problem to what you have, hence yours sounds like a madeup issue. What is the issue exactly? Everything is great it seems. What do you need advice for?

    If he starts talking about the future again, hug him if you “freeze up” to the point that you can’t talk. And quit being “afraid”. Life ain’t all roses. You need stamina to make it successful.

    You can also jokingly with a smile, rubbing your body against his, ask him ‘where are you going with this? anywhere? ..” but do not pull words out of his lips. He needs to man up and say what he means.

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    Wow, that is really stretching to find evidence of a forthcoming proposal. Just woman up and asks him how he sees the future.

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    Devil’s Advocate

    You say your relationship is perfect and amazing but I beg to differ. In a perfect relationship of 2 years you aren’t sitting here wondering if the man sees a future and marriage with you because you’ve already talked about it and you knew where you stand. Do you 2 live together? If not, why not?

    You really need to work on yourself if after 2 years you’re still scared and freeze up when talking about the future. Dragging your emotional baggage from one relationship into another isn’t healthy. When a man wants a commitment with you he’s not giving you some cryptic message about music for later, he’s telling you he can’t imagine his life without you and planning a future with you.

    Stop overthinking and have a meaningful conversation with him. The fact you haven’t discussed this yet is ridiculous.

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    Bee ME

    You said, “We really are perfect for each other. Our relationship is amazing as it is right now”, Make it even better so your at the point where you can speak freely to one another. You should talk to him about this, thats the only way to understand how a man feels.

    Also I agree when a man wants to marry, they are pretty clear and open about what they want. Like that conversation needs to happen with no misinterpretation it. Also I dont think you being scared would have stopped him from saying what you think he might want to say. Talk to your man

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