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    I’ve noticed a few posters who are trolls are getting a lot of attention and indignation on here. Just a suggestion – if these kind of people bother you, ignore them. They will go away if no one acknowledges them. We can’t depend on banning to deal with these kind of people. There’s nothing to prevent them from coming back under a different handle if they are determined. As a wise person once said, “You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control your response.”

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    Emily you are spot on.. I feel so many posters here get detracted from the original posters post and engage in verbal spats with the other posters. why do other posts offend so much? whoever posts here shares their views or takes on the situation. personal attacks are so silly and immature.

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    Agree we should not engage directly with the trolls who think it’s fun to knock people. Such a difference between delivering a difficult message with respect/kindness and with sheer malice!
    However, we never know just how vulnerable the OP is, so I think it is sometimes helpful to encourage them to also ignore the trolls.

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    I totally agree!! Let’s ignore the trolls by setting up a whole new thread dedicated to them!

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    Devil’s Advocate

    Absolutely L!! Wow Emily, let’s not acknowledge them and they will go away. I’m so glad you came up with this amazing theory, I’m sure none of us here would have ever thought of it. SMH

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    Some might consider you to be a troll L. I am not one of them though. A troll to me is someone who posts disagreeable things simply to get a reaction,things that they don’t actually believe. I post disagreeable things,BUT I do believe them. That makes me rude,insensitive and disagreeable but not a troll.

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    Emily was just trying to be helpful so cut her some slack.

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    Damn right Stephen! I’m short, but isn’t that racist to call me a troll? Hit me up on insta you stone cold fox! I have the best pair of heels and camisole for you!

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    From what I’ve seen over the past week, I think Emily’s post is appropriate. I can’t get my mind around how some of the people posting here are so hateful to people they’ve never met, and people who are just seeking connection and advice. It’s one thing to be direct and firm, or even just unhelpful and sarcastic but quite another to behave like pack of mentally challenged wolves. Is it true that none of this actually moderated? Some of the those commenting seem to completely undermine the purpose of the site, IMO.

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    Oh good grief. The level of immaturity Ummm et. al has is ridiculous!!! Fake posts reported to Eric, changed my pic.

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    Thee problem is they DON’T GO AWAY whereby ignoring them is not always the solution because they have deep rooted problems that go beyond the scope of normal behavior. Like the one who has been bullying me and others for too long now and needs to be banned and stopped.

    When it happens to YOU its not so easy to ignore especially when you become their object of obsession and you will believe differently.

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    Half of these comments about trolling are ridiculous, people pretend to be so mature and civil behind their spiteful sarcasm and artificial intelligence.

    It is ironic that some who are claiming to be bigger than this and that are the very ones who are culprits give me a F#cking break.

    Hypocrites you know who you are!!!

    L you are the biggest troll on here you are not funny, witty or anything close, your comments are very disturbing and ridiculous, get a life.

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    Devil’s Advocate

    Oh this is too good!! One of our biggest trolls on here Stephen making an argument for why L isn’t a troll! Gotta love the internet. And who says a troll posts something they don’t believe for a reaction? Guess that’s his form of denial. Stephen you are rude, insensitive, disagreeable AND a TROLL!!

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    Lane, you are hilarious.

    It IS difficult to ignore when being attacked with comments you know aren’t accurate. I’ll never say I’m bigger than that because sometimes I think it’s appropriate to push back. Ummm/Karen (one and the same it seems) have both made negative comments about my appearance after I posted a photo. For that reason, I’m going to leave it up. :-)

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    I agree with lane and kailyn…

    It’s easy to say to ignore the trolls when you’re not targeted. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

    Anon is right on the money with the comments about the ones who troll hide behind their “opinions” and “advice”.

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    You guys know this is a fake “spoof” Lane, right!? Not that I like the advice of the real one, but that’s just my opinion, so I chose to ignore her posts, but to try to demoralize, make fun of, etc is just a bitter ugly person.

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    I guess I’m not on here enough to see the ” troll” posts. I enjoy reading posts of people with legit advice and opinions on here. That’s all I pay attention to.

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    Does ‘legit opinions’ mean opinions that chime with my own?

    I have noticed that (1) Women are not very affectionate. (2)Women suffer from a near total sense of humour. They say in the manosphere that ‘women are always the entertained NEVER the entertainer’. I suppose that explains women’s infamous humourlessness.

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    Saying you are bigger than the trolls, is probably true in the physical sense anyway,

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    This is Yeti Lane. I just want Lane to know that I chose her because she is prolific and her avatar easily recognizable. No mean intentions! All in good fun and jest. Keep on rocking everyone.

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    I just saw she changed her avatar to “No Bullying!” I FEEL AWFUL! Sorry! Note I never got personal and kept it light. I’m not Umm or Stephen. Just a person who likes to play practical jokes.

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    I knew you couldn’t be Umm…far too witty and articulate.

    Changing my avatar back to rainbows and butterflies because I LIKE rainbows and butterflies. I’m sure the harpies will take that as a sure sign that I’m a “fake”. A fake what though? Woman? Human? What does “fake” actually mean on a site where anonymity is the norm?

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    What sticks in my craw is that every once in a while the “moderator” will awaken from their deep sleep and go on a rampage banning people who actually mean well and give good advice, but leave the ones who habitually troll. Such a joke. They make money off this forum, they should pay attention to it and stop acting like it’s so beneath them.

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