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    I’m dating a single dad and have no experience dating anyone with children (I don’t have my own). I’m curious as to other people’s experiences and tips about meeting your date’s child(ren) and when this should happen? I have been dating this guy three months and he has suggested that I meet his kid around the holidays this year, but I’m wondering if it’s too soon? We are dating, but not yet bf/gf. Is it better to meet sooner rather than later? Thoughts?

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    I am a single Mom. There is no set timeframe, but I do not introduce my son to anyone I am dating unless we are exclusive and officially BF/GF. So for me, probably at LEAST 6 months. I am not introducing him to anyone I see casually, ever.

    And just because a man introduces you to his child doesn’t mean he’s serious about you, necessarily. It depends on the person. Some people introduce their kids to almost every person they date, which IMO is incredibly irresponsible.

    I think most good/wise parents (who put their children’s welfare and needs first) wait until they are fairly sure about a person’s integrity, decency, and ability to be a good influence and role model for their child.

    I don’t get serious with any guy who doesn’t demonstrate he would be a stand up guy- and there for both me and my son. We are a package deal.

    And yes, I’ve dumped guys who don’t measure up to what that means.

    I’d definitely be wary if he’s introducing you before you are exclusive. Especially if the child is young. Kids need stability. It’s confusing and painful for them when people are constantly appearing and disappearing from their lives.

    That’s not fair to the kids, or good parenting.

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    For some people it is important to know whether the new person is good to their kids or not. For me it was very important that my kids like my BF so after saying yes to be his GF I made him introduce to my kids. I met his kid afterwards. It all depends on how compatible you guys are and if you see him to be the one. You also need to find out how many partners he has made his kid meet.

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    This is tricky. Personally I would wait until you are BF and GF. But there is nothing set in stone on this. You just do not want to parade a bunch of dates in front of the kid.

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