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    Sooner or later, your new girl’s ex is going to come up. Pay attention. How she talks about him can tell you loads about who she is as a person and whether or not she’s worthy of your time. If she says any of these 11 things about her previous relationships and the men she dated, she’s not a good woman.
    Sure, most of us have dated a crazy person, but if she’s acting as though all her exes were out of their minds and total lunatics, you have to take it with a huge pinch of salt. Can they really all have been delusional and psychotic? It’s a little too much, no?
    Whenever she talks about her ex-boyfriends, she’s quick to paint them in a bad light. she might moan about how they were never there for her or they disappeared on her etc. What about what she did? Was she a saint in all those relationships?
    If she’s bringing her exes down but lifting herself up by implying that she’s always been a perfect girlfriend, something’s wrong—and it’s wrong with her, not her exes. There’s no way she could’ve always been the most amazing catch and girlfriend unless she’s the delusional one.
    It was all her ex’s fault. He was the cheating, disloyal one in the relationship. she never did a single thing wrong. Cue the violins because this girl’s about to give you a “poor me” song about how everyone always hurts her and she’s the victim. Oh no. Not only is this girl clearly trying to gain your sympathy, she’s manipulating you into believing a twisted version of the past that doesn’t exist.
    she might say that you shouldn’t believe things you hear from her exes because they’re all liars. Yeah, convenient. The thing is, why would they still be trash-talking her now? Perhaps there’s some truth to it…
    It’s one thing for her to say her exes were all crazy (that’s enough, to be honest!) but quite another if she’s being downright nasty about them, picking out flaws in their personalities or appearances or calling them insulting names. That’s not cool and it only paints her in a negative light. What a loser.

    It’s not just her negative talk about her exes that you should worry about but also what she doesn’t say about them. If she can’t say one positive thing about her exes, it’s a problem. Surely they had some redeemable qualities, otherwise, why would she have been with them for months or years? Ha, how is she going to answer her way out of that one?
     It’s been months or years since things went south with her ex, but she is still furious about how her ex broke her heart. Sure, we all carry around some relationship baggage, but it shouldn’t make her veins pop in her forehead. If she’s still that angry about the breakup then maybe that passionate response has more to do with her not being over him. Remember, the opposite of love isn’t hate but indifference. On the other hand, she might not want him in her life, but she might not have dealt with her negative feelings. Not exactly something you need to deal with.
    She was with her ex for six years but she said she never actually loved him. Um, what? Then what was the point of her being with him? Was it because they had a thriving sex life or he was just convenient? Or, maybe she doesn’t want to be single. Whatever the case, if she’s been in long-term relationships but they were loveless, she’s either lying or she’s not girlfriend material.

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    C’mon Sparky. Really?

    The only medium between knowledge and ignorance is an opinion.

    When she paints her ex in a bad light could it possibly be she’s trying to explain how she didn’t feel loved?

    that passionate response has more to do with the bad memories and bad choices. Maybe they did have redeemable qualities, if you’re talking about ex’s do you really want to hear about how great they were? Then this post would be you moaning about why aren’t they still together.

    Sure, the story is multifaceted and patterns are difficult to change especially when you don’t see them. In the end it just didn’t work out wether he was good to her or not. You’re saying the common denominator is her? Maybe she just has bad taste in men and has emotional trauma she’s buried deep inside festering up and causing her to vomit out her bad taste in men.

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    Better off single

    Maybe at one point she got tired feeling like she was being walked all over, power trips, arguing, and that’s why she can’t point out the positives. Maybe she’s just highly insecure and lacked the confidence to express how she felt to him to avoid an argument. Maybe she got tired of putting in an effort to make it work when she knew he checked out before the first kid was born. Maybe the relationship was abusive and she’s just so broken and angry inside without a clue how to fix it and make the pain go away so getting validation or attention from men is a bandage. Maybe she doesn’t realize exactly how boring she is and that’s why they check out.

    Maybe she did care about him and wanted it to work. Maybe she did really love him. Left him love notes and little surprises that he took for granted or never returned. Maybe she constantly affirmed him and told him how handsome he was and he rarely ever returned it. Maybe he never took the time to make her feel really special to him. Maybe she went grocery shopping she bought him all the food he loved and didn’t think about what she actually wanted. Maybe there were days when they first met she couldn’t wait to get her hands on him when they were apart. Maybe she let herself go because she didn’t know what to do about how he was treating her.
    Maybe she stuck it out because she was conditioned to believe she can’t do it on her own. can’t go through life on her own and has to have a man no matter how he treats her. Maybe at one point she did care about birthdays, dressing up for Halloween, and holidays and his lack of enthusiasm or involvement because he would rather play day-z with his online buddies brought her down. Maybe she still tried to make those days special and never really had the funds because she carried the weight of their household financially which stressed her out because she really didn’t make enough to support their tiny family on her own and got fed up with him sitting around okay with the fact they were struggling while playing video games all day and eating all the food like a teenager. Maybe leaving him was the hardest decision she ever had to make in her life. Maybe she’s just angry at herself for letting it go as long as it had. Bitter that she has to start life all over again with kids and she’s battling with depression because of it.

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    All American Man

    Great post man! Women today really need this wake up call.

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    Haha, Stephen has slumped to having to answer his own post! Of course it’s just an article he cut and paste from the internet.

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    Wonder how Eric would feel to know there is a man on here who posts primarily to decrease women’s self esteems?

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    A ‘huge’ “pinch” of salt?!?!….poor expression at best, grammatical ineptitude more likely.
    Stick to reading comics.
    All that’s conveyed through your ‘rant’ is you are a person who’s been burned in a relationship- cheer up butter cup 🌾 this too shall pass😜

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    Only the other total nutcase on this site would take it seriously and write a long response.

    Cut and pasted from something else and probably changed around – women don’t talk like this about their exes. This was originally about a guy who talks crap about his ex GFs, it’s pretty obvious.

    Stephen is really bored out of his tiny little mind these days.

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    To be normal is boring

    There’s a fine line between genius and crazy. I like to use it as a jump rope.

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