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    So I’ve been single for a year and a half. Had my fair shares of first dates and all that but on Wednesday I went on a date where for the first time in a long time I came away excited.

    We went for a few drinks, ended out for hours. Conversation didnt lack, where on the same level about alot of stuff. Played a game at the bar the phones did not come out once and shared a smooch.

    Now its just a first date and I don’t want to get to far ahead but I wanted on some advice on possibility of leading to a 2nd date?

    He text me the moment I got in the taxi home, texts have been consistent and it was implied we would like to see each other again.

    (As much as I enjoyed it and would like a second date I am keeping my options open)

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    If he wants to see you he will ask you on another date.

    Let him lead for the first dew dates otherwise, you’ll be asking yourself the dreaded is he interested question.

    Keep dating for now until this shows to have real potential, one date is too early to tell.

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    Yeah I think I just feel 13 all over again lol!

    Don’t want to put my eggs all in one basket super early but I’d like some advice on what to expect communication wise and how to not appear to keen but still seem interested and be myself.

    Just a bit struct how attracted to his personality I was when we met.

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    Just be yourself, don’t try to overthink how to not be too keen but, interested.

    There is no script to follow.

    If he asks you out and you want to see him you accept the date.

    Let things flow naturally.

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    Also keep telling yourself that you know barely anything about this man, so any conclusion that he is a good match is premature…

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    You are excited because you finally met someone after a year and a half. But this doe snot mean you know the guy, and it does not mean he is a good guy or a good fit for you.

    Exercise some sense of control over your mind and emotions. The slower things develop the more reliable they usually are.

    In terms of dating others, nobody is forcing you, but it would be a good way for you to keep your calm. Chances are you would meet ANOTHER great guy now that you met this one. When it rains it pours LOL

    Be more discerning, do not override your instincts because you feel excited and WANT things to become glorious. Observe him, take it slow, do not text a lot, slow down the “conversations”. The less of these “conversations” you have the more he would want to SEE you in person. LOL

    If he doesn’t ask you out in the next 2 weeks and you lose your patience, still do not ask him out yourself. He might be testing waters LOL I hear from my friend that this is what men, especially young men, do nowadays. They want to see what you’d do and how you’d behave. If you are too eager and not too popular, you’d start “taking initiative” , which would lower your value LOL

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    The only way to get a 2nd date is if he asks you out again.

    Do not get in the ‘text trap’! Keep some mystery and intrigue. Think of each date like Christmas where you get to learn something new about each other. If you give too much away by text then you give him no incentive to take you out on dates so only use it primarily for brief ‘check ins’ and logistics with him setting up the next date.

    Look up e-tethering before you get too excited.

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    This is the kind of advice I’m after!

    Also I’m trying to keep in the mindset as well if it does not amount to anything like you said I had a really nice time and the potential for me to meet someone else and feel that way feels a bit more real!

    Yeah we are both busy people so I like we aren’t texting until our thumbs bleed or over sharing. I feel like text can cause a false sense of closeness.

    And you are both right I don’t want to fall into the text trap!

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