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    I started talking to a guy via a app three months ago. We have been texting ever since. We did not meet through a dating app so my intention wasn’t to meet anyone romantically. Over three months we have got a little closer through our messages and we been very flirtatious but I haven’t spoken to him. I have heard his voice through audio messages as we met through a language exchange app and we swap audio messages to help each other with learning eachothers languages.
    However I did ask to skype or face time but I don’t know if it is because of the language barrier he is not doing it. I have him on my facebook and my Instagram and I can tell from his pages he’s not a fake. I feel like I have got a little bit emotionally involved and even though I have backed off I hate it because up until now we have been messaging eachother every single day and the things we have talked about and how we have spoken is like there is something there. I know its crazy because we have not even met and I have tried telling him this. He says he likes me more than a friend but I have tried to just ignore it and say lets just see if we meet eachother trying not to entertain the emotions.

    Even though there is the distance and realistically I don’t know how it could work it still doesn’t stop me from wanting to see him. However now I have not text him for three days because it’s kind of messing with my head and I hate it but then again I feel like inside that maybe he’s playing on y emotions a bit and thoughts have crossed my mind about whether he is using me as a pass time or for something.

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    Tell him no- when he asks you for money…

    Why are you wasting your time with this guy?

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    @Raven – he didn’t ask for money.

    @Pav – what are you avoiding by giving so much time and energy to a man who is far away and it’s impossible to have a relationship with?? Guy probably has a GF or wife.

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    Raven meant that as in asking for money will be the next step in this guy’s charade.

    Most likely she’s right.

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