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    So, I started talking to a guy that I met on a dating app. Of course, you know how those things go – when you feel a good connection. He’s texting every night, he even called me a couple of times and we talked all night. Anyway, throughout this whole time we talked about so much – ourselves, family, our history, etc. making a connection amongst us. So, we go out on a date (it was a long, good date) we spent most of the day together and it was such an awesome time. He texted me the night of to make sure I got home, etc. But after that, I never heard from the guy again. I guess I’m mostly disappointed because I thought maybe this one I had something going with. It’s been 8 days now, since our date and I haven’t heard anything from him other than he’s like a couple of my Instagram posts. I thought our date when great, we even kissed a few times and held hands. I guess my question is, should I even reach out to him? Or should I continue to wait on him?

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    Please don’t reach out to him. He knows where you are! If you reach out to him, sure, you might get a response, but it will probably only be to be polite, or, he might give you crumbs, or, he might even go out with you again but just to pass the time/try to get easy sex, etc.

    A man who is interested will contact you in the next couple of days after a day. Sure, they might wait a day or two if they are trying to not seem too eager, but more than that is a lack of interest. 8 days is basically ghosting.

    You deserve a guy who actually is interested, not one you have to push yourself on!

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    I agree with Ali except I don’t think someone can actually ghost after only one date! The first date is like a job interview and if you don’t hear back you didn’t get the job! If a guy went a week or more without contacting me after a great first date I would assume he’s not interested, or has someone else he’s seeing. I would NEVER contact him. He was texting you every night and calling you. He hasn’t suddenly forgotten how to get in contact with you. But you shouldn’t be waiting around on him either. You were on a dating app. Go find another guy to go out with and forget this guy!!

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    I have a few suggestions about online dating.

    Don’t spend hours chatting before you meet up. It causes a false sense of familiarity.

    The first date should only be a few hours, you don’t want to give up all your time to someone you don’t know.

    Just because you felt something doesn’t mean he did. He may have been excited over the phone but something for him wasn’t there in person or not enough for a second date. I’m sure you have felt that way too.

    Don’t reach out to him because if he wanted another date he would not keep you hanging for 8 days.

    Keep dating and stay positive he isn’t the only man alive.

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    It was only one date and just because you felt a connection doesn’t mean that he did. That’s how dating works. And agree with others not to spend so much time texting and talking before you meet. In person connection means way more than connecting via phone or text. He didn’t click with you in person.

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    All you gotta do is remember nee time don’t waste so much time texting for something that might not pan out.

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