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    Why do men hate when a girl comes across as ‘needy’ even as simple as sending two texts in the space of a day?

    Surely, a sign of interest shows you care?

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    It is probably not the frequency of your texts but what you express within them. I like that you are showing interest. Most of the women here believe in that dated canard that women should sit back and let the man do the courting. Times have changed and men don’t care now for aloof seeming women, they want women to show interest or else they decide they are wasting their time and move on.

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    I agree Warasen. I had been dating my boyfriend last year when Christmas rolled around only a short time. I spotted a sweatshirt I knew he’d like, so I bought it and had it sent to him. He loved that he got something from me first. (I was sure he was very interested in me, he had initiated plenty and was traveling the hour to see me on a regular basis.) On other occasions I’ve called just to chat guys who I’ve been dating here and there, and they appreciate that I showed some interest and they didn’t have to make every single move.

    The rule is, don’t chase a man. You have to feel through each situation what that means and doesn’t mean. If you stick to a list of hard and fast rules, you will have trouble. What may be OK with one guy, may not be with the next one. You have to learn to trust your instincts when dating.

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    More information please…

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    I would say it has a lot to do with their interest level in you romantically. If your interest in him is higher than his in you, then it comes across as ‘needy’ whether you text once or five times.

    A guy who’s really into you wouldn’t notice it, a guy who’s not would. Some men do get annoyed by constant texting though, especially if it comes across as you checking up on them…I do know this is a big pet peeve for guys. Or if done too early, such as after a date or two and he hasn’t prompted, asked for nor is planning another because he doesn’t want to proceed—any, so any texting by you is futile (a waste of time).

    Not having any info. such as how long you’ve known each other, how many dates you’ve been on, your status, or other pertinent details, I can only assume his level of romantic interest in you isn’t there.

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