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    I’ve been talking to this guy for awhile. We met one night but he was on vacation and left the next day. We’ve been camming/sexting/texting since then and finally planned a day to meet up. There has been a lot of build-up and he said he was definitely coming…but then never showed up. I got a Brazilian and everything! We haven’t talked since. Do you think he got performance anxiety? I’ve had a strong urge to send him a chicken emoji…


    Too much?

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    Why bother doing anything? He didn’t.

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    Hahahaha hahah, hysterical!

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    Should I send it, L?! 😛

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    Jump on a plane right now, when you get to his place, hit him with a rubber chicken, do the clucking dance, pee on his lawn & return home.

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    While I suspect that this is a fake post, it is amusing enough for me to reply to. He is probably married. We should be asking ourselves why married men feel a strong need to interact online with women or to start looking elsewhere for something that is lacking in their married lives.
    I suspect that married men who like chatting to women online with no intention of ever taking it further feel ignored and unseen by their wives. Married men who do actually meet up with women clearly feel that their wives are keeping them on a permanent strict sexual diet. A diet that has become close to intolerable.

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    I recently saw a FB post along the lines of:

    Dear men,
    Stop saying sweet romantic things to women online.
    Say them to your wife.

    So true.

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    Thank you, Stephen and DD, for your comments. Him being married sounds like the right answer but I know he’s not. I’ve seen the inside of his condo and it’s definitely just him living there.

    Thoughts on what else it could be? I reached out with a simple hi a few days ago and he didn’t write back. I’m still thinking it’s a case of the 🐥🐥🐥

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    Call me old fashioned but getting a Brazilian for a first date with a guy seems a bit much to me! But then I’m team Don’t Sleep With A Guy on the first date!! Anyway based on Stephen’s post where guys are going to start sending bills to women for their half of dinner if the date doesn’t pan out for them (assuming sex?) then why not send him a bill for your wax?!?!?

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    Hahaha I love it, Kaye! That’s hysterical. I’d almost do it as a social experiment just to see what he says. Send him a copy of the wax and lingerie bill and tell him I’d like to be refunded since he reneged on the sex. It would be way better if I was able to actually see the expression on his face when he read the text. LOL

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    Liz Lemon

    I think he just wasn’t interested in making it reality, plain and simple. Some people like to talk and fantasize about sexual stuff but when push comes to shove, they don’t actually want to live out the fantasy. It’s not uncommon. It’s one thing to send dirty pics, have phone sex, or even do webcam stuff, but making it a reality in person is a whole different level. So I don’t think it’s necessarily performance anxiety, or that he’s married, or any deep explanation. He just liked the fantasy and didn’t want to take it beyond that. My two cents anyway

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    I bet you are one of five women, at least, that he sexted and cammed with. Men don’t have to risk sexual diseases or even make any effort these days to get off. Too many women like you are willing to give it away easily. He didn’t even have to take you on a real date and you entertained him for weeks! He didn’t chicken. You got scammed and you know it.

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    If I knew why then I wouldn’t be posting here. I think I’m more bothered that he’s cut off all communication without an explanation.

    What’s the consensus? Just let it be? I really want an answer but it’s looking like I won’t ever get one even if I do ask him.

    Perhaps just one chicken emoji? 🐤

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    Also, has anyone ever gotten an error message that read ‘Slow down; you move too fast’ when posting?

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    Liz Lemon

    You said you reached out with a simple hi a few days ago, and he didn’t write back, correct?
    There’s your answer: you’re not going to get an answer. You need to let this one go.
    He’s not going to give you a straight answer even if you ask, so why humiliate yourself by begging for some kind of response from him when he’s already ignored you?

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    You sound like a teenager. What possible answer is going to make you feel good? Many people engage in virtual sex but have no desire to really take it to real life for many reasons. Most times it’s just because they aren’t that interested in you. I’ve done it in the past and that was always my reason. Person was good enough for random entertainment but not to actually go and spend time with them. It’s simple as that.

    In the future, if you want in real life sex, meet men and go on real dates with them. There are many men happy to give you no strings sex. But don’t waste so much of your time getting pumped up about some online stranger who chances are will never want to actually meet you.

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    This forum can be buggy at times. That message you received happens when you think that your message hasn’t been sent to the server and you click ‘submit’ for a second time. Earlier I got a ‘page not found’ message. My post had been very long so I edited it and it seemed to go through but it has disappeared into the ether. Try copying your message in case of server problems.

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    I reached back out and we’re back to sexting buddies. I think it was getting too serious for him. It was sexting but then we were talking about relationship/ love too when we were talking about actually meeting up. I’m wondering if this will ever turn into anything real… Maybe if I just play it cool for a bit and don’t mention anything serious again?

    Turns out there was no need for the 🐓 emojis. There are so many times in life you want to do something but your pride holds you back. LOL

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    Are there IQ breathalyzers, they can develop that we can attach to computers, so that idiots don’t keep falling prey to smarter people? Is there an idiot emoji I can use to emphasize my point here?🗿

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    * shakes head *

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    Sigh. I know. Quite the desperado move. I can’t help it. I like the guy.

    I think I pushed him too hard and scared him off a bit. I’m pretty sure he likes me so hopefully we can get back on track. Or i can stop crushing on him. lol

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    No, it’s stupididty. You prefer to give your body to some stranger who could care less about you than save yourself and your dignity for a man who really has interest. This man didn’t get scared and you know it. He played you and will do it again because he knows he can and you will be just as gullible the second and third time. I would think you would be embarrassed about th fact he is probably laughing it up with his friends about some dumb chick who actually believed he would show up and then fell for it when he claimed it was getting too heavy for him. There isn’t anything to get back on track. All you had were sexting sessions and he finally had to give in to your request to meet. So he went along with it and then stood you up. I hope you realize that most men don’t have any respect for women who do what you do. They view you as play things and assume you do this with any guy who gives you attention. If you think he has any inkling of a relationship with you that won’t happen. All you will get is more of the same until he gets bored with you or you try again to turn this into something more than sex. That’s why he stood you up. It taught you to back off. And it worked. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is saying I’ll sext with you but keep it that way and if you push again I’ll leave again. He knows you like him way more than he wants you.

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    You make some good points.

    Or maybe I’ll reel him in with the sexting and then get an answer out of him or leave him with blue balls a few times… after I’ve finished.

    I do think he was honestly considering the trip. We were texting about it all day and he mentioned a lot of specifics like he was researching everything online. But when it came down to it, he ghosted. I just don’t understand why he would say all of that flowery stuff for hours on end and look into it if he was just going to ghost. What’s the point? One final cam session? Or he felt like he had to say all of that just to keep me on the line? (Although he still ghosted.) People can be really confusing sometimes.

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    Yeah, I want to smoke the same stuff you are on right now.

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    How old are you? Because you sound incredibly young and naive. The internet is not your friend with this mindset you have. A stranger you sext with online is not going to fall in love with you or even ask for a relationship with you outside of sex. Even the event of this made up trip was based on sex only.

    You are unhealthily obsessed with a man who is playing games with you at your expense. You make jokes but this is killing you because you gave your body in good faith and you were the one pushing to turn this into something. Which is all a fantasy. You don’t seem even founded in reality which is going to make the internet eventually dangerous for you. You blindly trust and were willing to meet a man you do not know at some hotel and give him sex. That’s how women get raped or worse.

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