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    Hey. I was with this guy for over a year and we recently parted ways. I couldn’t deal with his selfish ways anymore. He used me for my money and just kindness. I felt I was only there to help him out when he needed help financially and there I was stupid trying to help thinking I was doing right giving giving and giving. Being sucked dry of my energy. I didn’t even feel like a priority. He would go days without even reaching out to me when we were together. That hurt so bad. I’ll fix me schedule to drive 2 hours to see him and he will never do the same for me. I couldn’t take it anymore and I just had to be gone from the situation.
    I recently found out that he was cheating on me the whole course of the relationship. The money that I was giving to him he was giving it to other women. He would give it to women online on a app called tagged. He would spend on what he needed for himself and give the other to other girls. He said he would pay me back before but never did. I gave from the heart. To think he would give it to another girl hurts alot. I work hard for my money. He had been talking to multiple females while with me. I was like the side chick and didn’t even know. I met his mom and his fam knew of me but yet still I now felt I was played the entire time. It hurts to be hurt by the one you explained your pain to. He was not working at the time so I helped out out of kindness. I feel stupid as hell right now. Money I gave went to other chics smh. I was used. I was played. He didn’t care for me at all. He cared about what I could do for him. Found out he just the type of guy who needa a constant ego stroke. Any female that calls him cute he will go for it. Damn signs were there and I ignored it I really am down on myself. My family even tried to get him to come work for them and he didn’t take it serious. Like why the hell would someone treat another human so nasty and be able to sleep well at night. My concious would eat me up. I could never do what he did to me. It hurts bad. I’m sorry this was so long. I needed to let it all out.

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    Forgive yourself and take a lesson from this. First sing of disrespect you need to drop him. Dont be a door mat

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    whats done is done and whats gone is gone. look at the money you gave him as a payment for lesson learnt. let it go. nothing much you can do. next time ensure you don’t hand out money to the man. we don’t ask men we are dating for money do we?? I would run away the minute a guy asks me money. hes a cheapo and a cheater. good riddance. thank your luck stars you are done with him. move on and learn from this. do not go out of your way to please a man. he will take you for granted and treat you like crap.. let it go but learn from this.

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    Oftentimes the hardest lessons we learn in life are done the hard way. Chalk this up to a hard lesson learned and stop giving so darn much! You are acting like ‘a man’ where male energy is giving and female energy is receiving. Men are the happiest in relationships when what they do makes their lady happy and receiving that big smile and hug shows him how much you love them for it. Learn how to be a receiver.

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    you teach people how to treat you

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    Just let it out, get it out of your system and don’t beat yourself up! As the others said you have learned a valuable lesson here. Learn and grow from it and move forward. You can see now that the signs were there so next time you won’t make this same mistake.

    Also it’s very easy to get taken advantage of my con men when you know you would never be able to sleep at night or look in the mirror at yourself if you did something like this. But they don’t have the morals or the conscience to even care!! Please take some time to heal and really explore what you’ve learned here before you start dating again. When you are feeling vulnerable and down on yourself it makes it even easier from some smooth talking guy to swoop in and take advantage.

    You can be hurt and you can be mad and you can cry and eat ice cream for a few days. But then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and realize you are going to come out of this experience a stronger person and find a man who deserves you and will treat you right!

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    Do not give money to a man unless you’re married and maybe not even then. If you do, get a signed document that is notarized that lays out repayment terms. Then you have a leg to stand on if he doesn’t pay, it’ll be a slam dunk in small claims court.

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    Undine spragg

    You saw plenty of red flags and you ignored them.

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    “Do not give money to a woman unless you’re married and maybe not even then. If you do, get a signed document that is notarized that lays out repayment terms. Then you have a leg to stand on if she doesn’t pay, it’ll be a slam dunk in small claims court.”


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    Better off single

    Look, that’s why you don’t give it all away when you first meet someone and you keep your guard on your heart and your wallet. Both sexes.

    Find a guy who has your back like you have his. Find a guy who gives from his heart like you give from yours. Find a guy who’s love for you fills you so full, it spills out all over him and he gets a taste.

    We all make mistakes and poor choices. It’s being human.

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