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    If you tip 10% in the US, you are pretty cheap.

    Look, this guy is cheap, which is fine, but he is also a complainer and trying to tell you how to spend. It’s a triangle of incompatibility and you two won’t last.

    My ex was cheap like his parents, but didn’t complain (and was a good tipper). Sure, he didn’t like pricey meals out, but he’d pick the places and it was fine, because he could just enjoy the meal or activity without further comments. He also kept his mouth shut about my spending and let me enjoy myself.

    You don’t need to justify anything here. But you need to understand he isn’t going to change and the situation is not going to get better. Bottom line, it makes you unhappy to go out with the guy, it’s going to make you REAL unhappy if you get married. Dating should be fun with very minimal friction until you start living together. If you don’t like his conduct on a dinner date regarding spending, wait until you buy a house together.

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    How is him sharing his thoughts about money any different than you sharing your thoughts with him on *anything*?

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    “Wow”…you’re a real piece of $hit..tip 20% or stay do realize that’s how servers make a living and it’s a hard job. Go to hell

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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